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Chocolate fondue tak jadi!

Once I mentioned that I might wanna treat them to a supper with ICE CREAM last night, the little guy wouldn't stop bugging us to get him ice cream immediately. He was all "I want to eat ice cream in cup! Now please now!"

Even while we were buying tickets at the cinema for this Saturday's show, he kept pestering us to get him ice cream. Sooooooooo ice cream we had last night. I was actually thinking of chocolate fondue from Swensens but after a few rounds looking for the place and couldn't find it, we headed to Haagen Dazs instead. Mak aih, chocolate fondue dia price melampau ah! Hehehe, since it was my treat, I canceled the chocolate fondue idea and went for something cheaper else instead.

We had 5 scoops of ice creams and still, the father and son fought over them like cats and dogs. Makan 5 minit dah licin! Tsk tsk tsk. Next time I wanna eat ice cream, I should go eat them alone!

Muka tak puas hati abah dia ambik the cup for himself

Nyam nyam nyam! Even though we had 5 scoops, it didn't seem enough. Next time, we better stick to Baskin Robbins kot, theirs seems more fullfilling somehow.

And no Haagen Dazs could ever beat my fave Butter Pecan, everrrrrr!


  1. agreed!!! ... hehehe ... but looking at Irfan devouring the ice cream macam seeeeeeeeeeeeedap sgt sgt sgt ... kekekek

  2. sedapnya makan aiskrim :)kalo berpuasa, tengok apa pun bernafsu.hehehe

  3. pi beli 1 tub tu kat tesco..makan puas2 dpn tv. kes balas dendam kesumat..hehe

  4. kalau beli 1 tub untuk makan kat umah mesti tak sebest makan kat kedai.kat rumah takde biscuit+ceri bagai....

  5. papakeechee : haaaa dia memang, any ice cream punn sedap as long as it's chocolate! hiks

    elissmie : haha orang puasa memang gitu kan. ;-)

    isabelle & syida : ha'ah la makan kat kedai baru ada feel skit. hehe! takpa nanti i try beli satu tub makan depan TV plak. hehe

  6. Swensens dah lama tutup.. skang ganti dengan kedai apatah...:)




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