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Anyone wanna volunteer to eat Uncle Sam?

As the little guy didn't have a chronic case of eating disorder, I've never really tried making this kind of fun food presentation for him before. But today, out of pure boredom, I thought of putting my culinary skills into test to make something fun for him.

Seriously, with little ingredients available in the fridge, I was amazed that I managed to conjure up an image of a retarded-looking man, whom I named Uncle Sam after the little guy's fave Fireman Sam. Hehehe, yeah yeah I'm lifting up my own bakul, since no one else would I'm sure! Hehehe!


You know what his reaction was? He looked inquiringly at it and when I told him it is indeed rice, he was like "Mana nasik mana?". Haha! And then he went to sniff it, scrunched up his face and went back to cuddle in his favourite position on the couch.

Sob sob sob! Son, didn't you realized I spent hours making that for you?!?


  1. hair= mee hoon?

    at a glance, ada sikit scary jugak la.hihihi

  2. ha dia xtry nk mkn uncle sam ka? aisehh

  3. hahaha. very the abdul wahab & abdul wahib.
    well, it's pretty good i'd say..kalo smpi he's distracted tak nmpk nasik

  4. syida : hair = so'un plus food coloring. the rest semua betoi! hahaha nampak cam clown dalam cita IT kan!kehkeh

    ely : takkkkk! ended up dia nak makan nasi yang i makan jugak. hiks

    KB : ha'ah dia ambik bau ja. haha

    eddi : tq :-)

    isabelle : haaa memang tak nampak nasi dah. he was giving me this kinda look " apahal mama ni nak suh makan muka orang?!?" haha!



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