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Alienware rupanya!

One of the days last week, while I was in bed putting the little guy to sleep, the big guy came home. He came from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and said "Nahh! I got this for you". So I turned my head around in a split second, thinking that he got me a plastic full of banana fritters and ready to scream in delight. Yeah yeah, I'm THAT easy to please nowadays, a bag of goreng pisang can make me go ballistic already! Haha!

Anyway, upon turning my head around, I saw this box and started "What's this? You got me a new pair of heels is it???!?!?!?". I just couldn't believe my eyes at that particular moment. Wowwweeeeee!

Dengan penuh rakus, I ripped open the package and then with confusion clouded my mind, I saw an alien head logo. I grabbed the thing out and ohhhhhh! So he got me a pair of head phoneeeeeeeeeeeee!  That's more like the big guy I know. Mati-matiiii tekejut ingat dia beli kasut tadi! Hehehe.

Thank you oppa. Yeah, I know. I had been  grumbling about not having a proper headphone to do my transcribing  works, and you're thoughtful enough to get one for me.  You're just the best!

Thank you thank you thank you!


  1. wohhh dah gaya DJ le pasni...hehehe

  2. hahahaha.. amin suh tengok citer korea bising sorang2 laa tu... :p

  3. memang so thoughtful of him...sweetness!

  4. i ingat dpt tupperware elianware tadi...haha.



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