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Nicknames nicknames!

Ok. I better warn you people. This is gonna be as cheesy as it could get. So if you can't stand extra double layers cheese on top, please get the heck out of here, immediately! Haha!

Ever since the big guy and I started dating, I'd always loved the idea of using nicknames for the each other. Not the typical ones like 'sayang', 'baby' and whatnots but something unique that would put a smile on both our faces when we say it. The cheesier, the better. Haha! So far the nicknames we had all came from a movie or something.

Now I'm just getting tired of the old ones, they're just so outdated already! So I'm thinking of switching to something that sounds cornier cuter. I know what I want to call the big guy now. But I would love to know which one do you guys think sounds less...ermmm...cheesy? Oh well, since I'm a Korean-drama freak right now, it figures that all the options would be in Korean lah kan! Heeeeeeeeeee!

3. JA-GI

Anyway,  would you miiiiiiiind sharing what you call your spouses when no one's around? Hehehe!



  1. yeo cheesy ;). I call him sama aja just Abg. but he would call me "baby" ;)

  2. i pilih ja-gi!! hhahah mcm garang aje sebutan tuh.. ape maksudnye tuh? ape pulak dia panggil u nanti? hahah kepoh okk!

    bila org xdek i panggil Papi, D. lame kan? hahaha tapi i rasa better la sbb papi tu mmg get attention sume org. byk kali gak kat tesco org pandang i bila panggil papi, ape la yg dorg pikirkan ye hahhahaa

    p/s - dulu kannn time boifren lama i, i panggil dia kucing putih dia panggil i kucing hitam. hahahha serius okkk hahhahaa

  3. the last two sounds like something from star wars ... i like the first one cause it sounds waaaaaaaaay funky !

    as for me other then calling my fatboy ... FATBOY!! ... there's a malayalum word i use as well called "PRANTHER" which means crazy!! it's from a movie so those who watch it understands la....

    ermmm I think we also call each other by our names but in our own way la ... i think tat's kinky ... hehehhe .. ok ok too much info already ... shall stop now =P

  4. joy : baby gitu! hehehe

    ely : papi tu ala2 sugar daddy kan? hahaha! apa? sanggup dia panggil you kucing hitam????ekekekkeke. oh well, amin suka panggil i si pendek, so i akan panggil dia si hitam jugak. hahahahhaa!

    papakeechee : erkkk kinky eh? too much information already so it's good that u stop! hahaha :-p

  5. applecrux : kannn! my fave as well. hehe!

  6. i call him Cinta, smpi adam pun ngkitu panggil Cinta kat ayah dia.
    eh...i dulu panggil my korean bf 'oppa'..sounds nice. jgn org silap dgr, ingat panggil opah lak udahhhh

  7. hmm...xdak apa nak paggil..abg jaa laa bila2 menairk gak kan..nak kena pikiaq satu jugak lah..hahaha..

    BTW Bai..jom join GA ni jom..

    Well, you are tagged..hihihii



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