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It's one of those days

Some days, the little guy would totally forget about his superheroes fixation and carry on lives as usual. But some days when he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he would totally be fixated on the superheroes character throughout the day.

Today is one of the day.

He kept on bugging me to do Siderman this and Spiderman that, Batman this and Batman that, Ironman this and that, Transthomas (Transformers) this and that until I almost vomitted green slimey thingy! And then I remembered his Spiderman puzzle that we bought long time ago at Bukit Merah.

So we started our little project for his bedroom. Inspired by his cousin's Spidey themed bedroom, we set up to make a little Spidey picture frame.

And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Well. Hopefully after this he won't request to discard all his momma's drawings for some superheroes piccas plak!


  1. eh! cute idea la ... pandai anak beranak decorate the room ... bravo!! ^_^

  2. nice nice... i tak berapa nak pandai hias or susun atur rumah hehe.. all this while semuanya idea husband..

  3. cantiknyer seme drawing tu..Bai yang lukis ke? hehe. anyway, suka tengok that wall decoration..mmg unique

  4. cantiknya!!
    adakah semuanya jigsaw puzzle?

  5. papakeechee : hehe thanks!

    lady : eh tapi rumah u saaaaaaangat cantik ok!

    azni : tq tq

    mila : a'ah tu semua old paintings masa pegi art class time skolah dulu

    mama sohayl : hehehe

    syida : yerp! all jigsaw puzzles kecik2 punya! hehe

  6. mai la umah i..
    mai la umah i...

    tlg buat free ID. heheh



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