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It's not porcupine, really!

This morning the moment I opened my eyes, the little guy requested to do the flash card thingy. So without even washing my face, I hold up the animals flash cards for him to identify.

At one point, I showed him this animal card and asked him what animal this was, thinking that he wouldn't be able to identify it. He then confidently shouted at the top of his lung : PORCUPINE!!!!

Image googled

Wahahhaha! For one thing, it amazed me that my son can even say the word PORCUPINE at this age, when I think the earliest I learn that word would be when I was primary school. Definitely! He must have picked it up when he read the animal book with his maktok, that's for sure!

Anyway, as amazed as I was with son's knowledge, this animal is not really a porcupine. But I have to admit, it can be a bit tricky to identify it, and many of us still think that it's the same species, porcupine and the above animal.

What about you? Can you identify what the animal in the above picture is?


  1. hmmm I never actually thot about it tat way ... I would have shouted porcupine as well rather then a hedgehog ... ngeh ngeh ... adoi bila la arees nak suka BELAJAR like my nephew ni ... he HATES flash cards! ... -________-

  2. well kalo skali imbas mmg cam porcupine kan..
    sib baik i pun skali terbabit kena bacakan sapphire book 'animals' dia so, tau le i it's a hedgehog :)
    but kids nowadays, they'll simply will amaze u unexpectedly kan....

  3. i xtau ape nih.. tp bukan porcupine lagik panjang ka duri dia.. tp mmg skalik imbas nmpak cm porcupine, dh pon namanye flash card kan hahhaha

  4. hedgehog kan? nowadays mmg cpt pickup

  5. i sebenarnya baru kenal hedgehog ni thru cite katun or else i pun akan cakap porcupine jugak.hehehhe.

  6. hahahha he's so cute n intelligent. eventhough his answer is wrong but nevermind, hedgehog do looks like a porcupine



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