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My Work Uniform at Home!

I just realized how gorgeous colorful shawls are! I mean, bold colorful outfits are in trend nowadays kot, and though the bold colors  might hurt some people's eyes, they just look simply B.E.U.T.I.F.U.L in my eyes. Comelsssssssss!


Because I have more similar shawls than I'll ever need it, I'm thinking of turning them into some kind of  work uniform at home. One for when I'm being a chef, one for when I'm being a cleaner, one for when I'm being a mother, and one for ...ehem ehem... when I'm being a wife! 

Seriously, what do you girls think? :-p


  1. really nice colour shawal today :)
    I pun mcm dah minat nak beli shawal jer, and it's easy to wearing this shawl.

    OWh kat rumah pun nak pakai shawl ker??hehehee

  2. Kurang jelas.. awak nak pakai kat umah?

  3. Nice collection.. Klau u tahan kepanasan nk pkai kat umah, go ahead!! hehe..

  4. finally u beli jugak ring gantung shawls tu! i pun beli n siap bawak balik ke melbourne. sooo handy nak gantung tudung, and yes, like u said, utk tgk all the colours of shawls that we have



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