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I feel like chameleon already!

Recently, I bought a material from one of the famous material shop in KL. I think you girls know which one kot.

I was specifically looking for a brown material, as that's the theme color for my bro's wedding. After getting assistance from the SA and all, I finally decided on this brown piece. So we bought it.

Tapi kan...

Suddenly when I came home and opened the package, I was stunned to find that the brown material  has turned GREEN!!! Like seriously greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. Then I turned off the while light and turned on the yellow bulb, it became brown again. So apparently, the material will look green under white and natural lighting, but brown under yellow lighting. What a @!#$#%)(#!%&#!^*!#))^*!#!!!!!!!!! So if I wear that baju, I would be like a suku sakat of chameleon, changing colors depending on the type of lighting they have at the place I go. So nak pakai tudung warna apa eh kalau camtu? Perhaps I should pair it up with red tudung, white shoes and yellow handbag. Then I could claim that my theme for the day is MISMATCHED!

Ok, I'm like pissed off beyond words now! I only have one thing to say. I WANT COMPENSATION!


  1. pity u dear..hope u refund or replace it

  2. lip : huhu..nak pi balik too far lah. :-(

  3. tu la especially those places with accessories they will blare those yellow lights so that they would nampak extremely cantiks ... when u baliks and try test biasa jek ... nyampah ah ... oh and btw kan i think this would be a good excuse to go back to kl again u know ... ^_^

  4. takpe... ada alasan untuk shopping kaler brown pulak... hahahaha

  5. oh my oh my....sapa nak sangka leh gitu kan...
    well, perhaps this is a gud reason to go shopping again ;)

  6. adoiii..kasi org marah la depa ni.
    errr...mmg xkan nmpk tolerable ekkk..kalo pakai dual-tone mcm tu? (cuba pujuk)

  7. ada ke kain macam tu?
    tak pernah jumpa la pulak.

  8. adreen : so not! huhu

    papakeechee : haha. i think that's their way of tricking us into buying more than we need kot! baik simpan duit lah untuk benda lebih berfaedah. hehe

    mamaeesya and rasp: takmo dah! sudah kiciwa.

    isabelle : i pun taktau nak kata tolerable ka tak. kalau guna lining brown maybe dia boleh nampak brown kot?

    syida : me first time encountering such thing too! tak pernah jumpa kain chiffon tukar2 warna nih! tsk tsk tsk



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