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Yeah, I AM vain!

Because I'm currently in the midst of shawl-craze, I've been googling and youtubing and blog hopping to find varieties of ways to style the shawl.

This blog and this blog are among the highest on my list for shawl styling. Them pretty teenage girls really makes me wish I am young again!!! Sob sob! Not that I'm old now,  but I'm just a bit ... ehem... more matured than I would like to be. Haha!

Anyway, for this style below, I got it from this beautiful fashionista blogger, and I'm not the only one loving this style. The big guy does too, because as he puts it, I get to cover what's supposed to be covered with this style of wearing hijab!

Oh, btw a friend has commented on this pic when I uploaded it in FB. As she puts it, she's confused as to the reason behind me taking my own picture. Like we all don't? *eyes rolling*

Owh well dearie, let's just say that I did it because I am ONE VAIN LADY! :-p


  1. cantik gak style tu....teringin nak pakai tapi tak reti beli shawl..muahahah

  2. ur friend tu xde ke amik gmbr sendiri?
    bajet x suka cam-whore la tu.elehhh..we all do,what>?

  3. nice... and such *hot* colour, may i add =) i've been playing around with that style of shawl-wrapping too. tapi shawl kena guna yg panjang kan, like urs? (cepat cepat, mana jawab dulu, in fb or in blog! haha)

  4. So I'm one of the odd ones out la ek, tak suke amik gambo sendiri hahah



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