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The world is turning upside down!

Whatever is happening to our world today?

Rape cases and out-of-wedlock affairs are happening all the time now!

You see. The problem is, nobody wants to admit to have play any role in this. When men are reprimanded for checking out 'hot chicks', they'll always alwayyyyyys put back the blame on the 'hot chicks' for dressing up in those alluring, skimpy outfits. The hot chicks on the other hand, will blame men for not being able to keep their hands eyes glued to the floor and instead chose to explore every inches of those exposed cleavages skin.

Office mates and friends on the opposite sex, whether married or not, socialize as freely regardless of races and religions. A married man flirts with ladies who's not his wife. A married lady flirts with men who's not her husband. Of course, they would label it as COMMUNICATING, rather than FLIRTING. But onlookers could definitely tell what they're trying to deny. The communication limit between men and women in Islam is considered outdated. Alah, sembang lentok-lentok sikit is definitely harmless right? It's not like they want to get into each other's pants and skirts, isn't it? Well, I've got news for you people. Mula-mula it would be harmless lah, but after so many 'lentok-liuk  suara manja menggoda iman' kind of sendiri pikir lah!

Looking at the rate we're going now, I don't think I would be comfortable to let the little guy to play 'kahwin-kahwin' with friends and cousins when he grows older nanti. Yerp, we used to play the very same games, and it was harmless for us. Just some sweet imaginations especially for us ladies to have on weddings and stuff. But then, we all know how it ended up for the poor girl who was recently raped by his own cousin after playing such games at their house.  Hearing the news, it scared the shoot out of me. Anything could really happen nowadays! Ya Allah, lindungi lah kami dari perkara-perkara yang boleh merosakkan iman.

Back in the Uni years, I remember having the misfortune to know a man, whom I would never hesitate to label as a lecherous man. Every time he saw a pretty woman, his eyes grew so big that I swear if it gets any bigger than that, it would definitely pop out of his head! He loved having sexy women, hot chicks all around him. But the most shocking thing for us was that, his wife was a nice, pretty and sopan, tudung-labuh clad lady. Like seriously???? Their difference was like langit dan bumi. To me, it seemed like he kept his wife all safe and secure from other men just so that he could be able to check out other sexy women without having to worry that other men would be doing the same thing to his wife. Poor lady to have such a chauvinist, lecherous man as her husband.

Seriously, what is happening to our world?


  1. agreed! the problem is even children can do sex on their own, nauzubillah. maybe sebab tengok mak ayah, diorang pun nak cuba. sedih tengok bila jadi mcm ni. check out this link.

  2. makin maju dunia...makin lepa kita nie...
    nauzubillah...sama2 lah kita doakan dijauhkan segala musibah nie kan sis..
    takut nak fikirkan zaman2 anak2 kita dewasa kelak....
    mmg kita kena bagi 'foundation' yg strong pada our kids, insyaAllah...

  3. mcm sial je jantan gitu.
    ooops! dah terlepas ckp.
    to me, guys like him are pathetic

  4. cinta madu : omg! yeah i've those pics before. mitan Allah jauhkan us from such things, ameen!

    rasp : kannn! sangat runsing fikir benda2 ni. huhu

  5. dunia skrg dah akhir zaman...takut sgt nak hadapinya skrg..masa anak2 kita besar nnti entah apa lah lagi..jauhkanlah kita n keturunan kita dar benda2 yang xelok nie

  6. kita hanya mampu mendidik dan berdoa utk anak dan selebihnya kita serah kan pada Allah.



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