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Product Photography

I have too many things to do lately. Sangat serabut! I seriously have no time to concentrate on the launch of TWS new product. Lots of things have been happening that needed my attention. Sorry to my biz partner for the delay. Sorry sorry sorry! Will proceed as soon as I could ok!

On the other hand, I'm thinking of getting a new camera to take better pics of TWS products. Like Soho Mama said, you should make some efforts to produce good pictures so that people know you're putting all your efforts on the products.

After browsing through some photography website, I came to the conclusion that our house has got pretty bad natural lighting which isn't good for picture taking purposes. Thus, inspired by Kak Millie herself, I decided to try an outdoor shoot for the latest DC.

I seriously need to have a better photography skill to produce better product photographs! Can  anyone teach me please?????


  1. your product mmg superb dah...
    yes, i agree u ought to upgrade skit on the photography...
    cumanya i sendirik tak pandai bab2 nie...

  2. hows irfan?????? OMG!!!! 3 stiches???? kesiannya!!!! hopefully he's doin well.

  3. kalo u dekat, i believe mrhubby would willingly do it 4u 4 free.

  4. ~sedang angkat tangan~
    aiman a.k.a imma tak kesah... ;-)

    BP come and answer.. :-D..weee..

  5. if nak buat indoors, use a plain background, like a wall ke, so that ur product will stand out. i rasa worth gak kalau u beli mounting board putih or coloured one ke (or yg depan putih, blkg colour bold, boleh tukar2). boleh jadi ur backdrop :) and also if amik dalam rumah, buka langsir so that u get natural lighting. and the tip is, make sure the lighting is behind you, so that it will light your product. cuma kena make sure u tak cast shadow on on ur product. nnt kalau tak cukup cerah, kat camera boleh la adjust exposure. have fun experimenting! :)



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