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Of our conversation during dinner

We rarely get to eat dinner all the three of us together, seated at the dining table. Usually the big guy prefers to melepak in front of the TV, while I prefer to feed the little guy sitting on the couch.

Anyway, once in a while when we get to have a nice seated dinner at the table, I always get all dizzy with excitement and start forcing them two to play the 'let's have a proper dinner conversation'. The previous night's supposed-to-be perfect dinner-talk went like this :

BG : Hey, next time make sure you cover the toaster with kain after you use them. If not the spiders will  turn it into their nest!
DM : Whatttttttt??? SPIDERS????????? *with shocked face*
BG : Yalah, haven't you see them spiders around? There are lots and lots of them in our house lately.
DM : *stared accusingly at the little guy* This is all because of your obsession with Spiderman! It's all your fauuuuuuuuuult!!!!
 LG : *got on his feet and started jumping on the chair* Yay! I AM SPIDERMAN!!!!! YEHAAAAAAAA!!!

OMAIGOD! I'm giving up already. Let's eat our dinner in total silence, shall we?


  1. Hahahahahaaa...!!!
    OK Bai..kena ingat laa erk lepas nii...jgn lupa tutup toaster tuh tau..satgi silap2..Irfan yang duk dalam tuu...the biggest ever spider dalam rumah tuu...hahahha..lawaks lah hang irfan..dan lagi berlakon kan...kah kah kah kahhh...!!!

  2. hehehe.comel :) kat rumah me spider jarang ada tapi lizard banyak..dulu tak der :p

  3. Hahahahah.Lawak la LG tu.dia tak faham.he tought both of u talking about him.=D

  4. hahahahhaha....nak tergelak how the dinner turn out to be...dah leh bayangkan ur lil guy nye reaction :D

  5. hahaha.tanpa rasa bersalah.
    comelnya irfan

  6. imma : hehehe..dia confused! :-)

    eliss : wah, liards i sangat geli! spiders jugak adalah geli ok!

    syida : tu lahhhh! *slaps forehead*

    rsap : hahaha..dia memang pantang dengaq perkataan spider. hiks

    isabelle : tahh...penat ja i jegil terbeliak kat dia. haha!

  7. hahahhaa..part little guy excited bile dengar pasal spider memang kelaka.



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