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Of BBQ and Girlfriend

The BBQ went smoothly last Saturday. Though I didn't stay throughout the whole event, it was indeed very tiring for me. Climbing up the flight of stairs carrying heavy cookwares certainly harmed my fat muscle. Today, my whole body ache, my temperature is getting high and worse, I had a bad stomach ache as after effect. Tapi orang lain (read: the big and little guy) ok ja, so I guess it's just my body that's acting up. Manja ketaik!

Here's some piccas cilok from the  big guy's friend's FB account.

 But you know who had the most fun? Who else but my little guy! That's because there was an awek cun around for him to play with. This boy ah, everywhere he goes, he'll try to get himself involved with a girl.  Such a romeo. Sheesh!

Shooh! We're having fun here!
 Anak sapa lah nih!


  1. haha amboi yr lil guy ni kan, mesti cari awek cun mementang lah dia hensem hehe...

  2. Irfan so cute la..pandai ngorat awek da ekk.. btw, ayam bbq tu membuat kan i lapar di pagi hari..huu

  3. with hair like tat ... any gurl would fall for him la ^_^

  4. lady : hahaha..memang budak ni!

    mila : hahaha apa lagi gi buat ayam bbq gak ;-)

    big mommy : dun encourage your nephew, ok! haha

  5. mama n ayah dia sibuk ngan aktiviti masing2 irfan pun sibuk jgk yer...amboi siap ngorat lagi...comel sgt...

  6. kecik2 dh pnadi ngorat dia, biase nih eheh

  7. Wooww... Beautiful faces and good food... I like that!

  8. hanim : haha sibuk main ngn kakak. :-)

    yatie : tu lah! haha

    fingerscrossed : :-)



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