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Deepest Apologies from a Married Woman

At times, I realized that things I do could make people perceive me as sombong and such.

But I'm just not comfortable to have people I'm not close to, over for intimate family gatherings, or have guy friends over to the house when my husband is not around. I just can't be hanky-panky like I used to be.

I wish people would understand that, because I simply hate being put in a situation where I have to lie and find stupid excuses to decline offers.

Because I'm a married woman. Maybe as a man, you don't find marriage restricting your moves and your relationships / friendships with other women.  But as a woman,  especially a stay-at-home mom, I do. Maybe your intention is pure, that is to renew the friendship that we all used to have. But for married women like me family comes on top of everything else. Thus, it would feel weird to go out with guy friends without my family in tow. Unless it is with my clique of ultimate BFFs kot which used to include one guy!


Kalau nak mai bawak anak bini, silakan. Saya langsung tak kisah! :-)


  1. setuju!!!

    sumtimes people tend to langgar everything kan? sigh...what a place we are living in....

  2. no need to apologize dear..ape yang u buat tu memang btul.

  3. kalo yg tak paham bahasa tu, xpa la x dapat hangout sama2 pun

  4. once married...our priorities dah lain kan.....

  5. bai same with me. Kadang orang tak paham2 tau :(
    orang slalu dalam tak perasan ckp i sombong..tapi kalau tak kenal tiba2 terhegeh2 dah kenapa le pulakkan :(

    biar le kita jadi diri kita kan...



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