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Maybe I worried too much!

The little guy is like what? 2 years and 8 months? But I'm already worried about his primary education.  Ya lah, next year dah kena register kan! The school that I want to send him to is just too far away from home. And there's no way we could send him there unless we use relatives' address, IF we can find any relatives living near that area. But even if we do, going to an fro would be such a hassle for the whole 6 years as I doubt there'll be school bus from around our area going that far! Haish!

If we send him to the school near the house, then I bet I would have to spend extra amount of time to focus on his education. Extra tuition, extra everything so he would excel. And I definitely want my kids to excel in everything, which parents does not, right?!?!

So now I know. Macam ni rasanya risaukan every single thing about your kids!


  1. sama laaa.. next year insya allah if sume lancar pindah la kitorg tapii school skang walaupon fees melampau mmg menjadik pilihan.. aisehh cemana nehhh... and the besh school that we know in that area is my kakak punye anak school la which is chiness school.. oh sesuai ka nnti dgn sami? oh tidakkk

  2. betullaa..mcm2 pikir psl kids..kalau setel hal school, transport plak nak pikir, pastu ini plak..pastu yg tu plak..mcm2..hai anak!

  3. i had the same feelings 3-4months back masa nak tukarkan aqid to playschool(3yrs).banyak pilihan, tapi criteria semua lain-lain.
    pening jugak.tapi i slowly cari, alhamdulillah dah jumpa.

    there is one school kene register by march 2010 untuk 2011 punya session.i belum cukup masa nak fikir kalau nak register by march 2011 untuk session 2012.

    stressed jugak nak cari school ni.

  4. skarang nie dah le competition with students yg makin hari makin pandai kan...memang merunsingkan aje...
    me having to go tru all this stages with 4 kids...mega fenin :)

  5. every parents want the best for their own child. Its good to invest for the beginning.




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