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Gila shawl???

Yeah that's my current obsession.

We would be going on a short holiday starting tomorrow, to a place where the only thing I could think of buying once I get there are more shawls and pashminas!!!. Can't wait to jalan-jalan and eat eat eat! Shopping might or might not be on the agenda though, as  I've recently shopped more than I should and ended up with so many shawls to last me a lifetime! 19 pieces of them all together can you believe it?! Not to mention the 4 pieces of Hajra tudung I bought from my sis. Haha! I guess I should start buying more outfits after this to match them with all the tudung(s). *batting eyelashes at the big guy*

Or perhaps I'll put up some of these shawls for sale soon so that I could buy more.  Teheeee! Would anyone be interested in any of it?


  1. kaki) i pun tengah gile shawls nie hahahhahahah...takat ni baru ada 3 (kecoh baru 3) klu pashmina byk le hehehehhe..btw nak sales ka...i tggu depan pc hahahahah....

    mr hubby kata i pakai shawls nmpk g comel dari ariani kikikikiki (harus ada org vomit time ni gak) kikiki

  2. amboi!! can start making shawl cakes now ^_^ ... have a great holiday ... =)

  3. waaaaa...

    banyak nye..biar betul kak. ini kalo pakai kene skali dua nie kak..

  4. uishhh byk tu sis...
    mmg u shud get outfit to match ur shawls ;)
    enjoy ur holiday & take care!

  5. byknya.....
    shawl cakes?heheheheheee

  6. byknya holiday kat mana tu yer...enjoy sis...

  7. meh singgah plak.. tgglkn jejak yie..



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