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Make-up Hater

I've came across this question somewhere but I can't remember the source. It goes somethng like this : WHY DO WOMEN LIKE TO PUT ON A LOT OF MAKEUP WHEN IT IS CLEAR THAT MEN LIKE IT LESS?

Well, that's because we KNOW we look good with piles of makeup on our face. And we know the reason you don't like us to put on lotsa makeup is because we look good in them, and you feel threaten by our 'instant beauty'. Hahaha!

Yeah, you hate it because you love us too much, kan kan kan?


  1. betul3..10 markah utk drama mama...

  2. ali also dont like me wearing so much he prefers the au naturale look ... they always say we look better without make up ... i guess to save money la kot from buying make up!!!! kekeke ...

    the pic a bit blur la ... but i thinnnnnnnnnnnk its fine ... maybe less grey and more silver to make it SHINE!! I am all for glitter and glamor!! ^_^

  3. cantiknya dia..seriously!

  4. i think i know why men like it less...hahaha!!!

    but i'll always go for at least the eyeliner IF i have to see someone. kalau tak nanti muka nampak tak siap. huhuhu

  5. i love my husband without make up ... ;-P

  6. ya betulllllll! u look gorjes!
    tapi i nie tak reti makeup..
    so without je lahhh..

  7. cun aa! :)
    yup i agree, a tint of silver lagi glemer tapi this look pun dah cun aa..

  8. sweet je u pkai makeup.. i love makeup too.. but i dun really know how.. so main belasah je pkai.. haha.. org laki ckp je tak suke tp sbnarnye suke.. :D

  9. betul betul betul
    tapi ai x pandai mekap
    ajar boley? hehe

  10. cantiknya, pandai u make up mata.. hehe i suka nak make up tapi tak la pandai.. but my husband lebih suka i without make up hehe

  11. sbb i tak cantik tu yg kena make-up tebal2..haha!

  12. senyum manis tu yang tak bole tahan ....hehehe



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