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Cekodok roti aka Cucur Roti aka whatever you wanna call it!

Since today's theme is DOMESTICITY, I'm gonna bore you guys with what I made for lunch today. Usually, I'm too lazy to cook nasi or proper meals for lunch because it will only be the two of us eating. So I love trying out all simple-simple recipes yet nutritious enough for me and the little guy. As long as there are greenish substances in it, I consider it nutritious ok! Hehehe.

So when I came upon this recipe from Hanim, terus gedix wanna try. For recipes, hop on to her blog ok.

Looks like cucur udang, but taste wayyy better than it!

My heart just blooms like nobody's business when whatever I cook, the little guy ate like there's no tomorrow. Siap kutip many, many pieces of the cekodok and put it in his own plate for fear that I might finish them all up before he gets the chance to satisfy his cravings! Hahaha! Gluttonous sungguh!

"Oh yeah, I kid you not! My mom's cooking is the best in the world!" said the little spidey with eyes on the TV screen watching Wonderpets! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


  1. ooo dm dah cube yer..sedapkan...wa..irfan pun suka...

  2. sedapnya nampak irfan makan ;-)

  3. nampak best... nak kena try nih...

  4. u upah apa kat irfan ni suruh buat aksi tu? hehehe

  5. hanim : dah try!best!

    zarin : dia tu semua pun sedap! haha

    chekna : try try jgn tak try!

    isabelle : haha i cakap cepat buat best mama nak take pic! terus dia buat! hahahahaha

  6. cm sdpla plak,nk tryla..klu letak ikan bilis skali ok x?hehe~

  7. terliur... pagi nanti cuba.. ;) thanx for sharing mama irfan



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