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Bersabar sikit, cheque sampai bulan 12!!!

At times, I can be so very kiasu! Because I was wondering about my cheque the other day, so I sent a ticket to Nuffnang to ask about it. This is the reply I got from Robb Chew, their blogger Relations Exec.Well, I'm just sharing it here so that just in case there's anyone out there bengong-bengong macam I jugak, then you would know what to expect when you decide to cash out your earnings.

So lesson learnt, next time cash out at the end of the month!

Hi Baizurah,

It seems that you have misunderstood our payment policy.

As stated in our payment policy, Nuffnang pays its members every end of the month after 30 days (Glitterati) or 60 days (Ordinary) from their cash out request date. Upon then, the cheque will be compiled and sent to the bank for legal processing before delivered to your registered address. The processing and delivering by the bank will take about 2 weeks time.

Your cheque is due end of this month. Expect it to arrive by the end of the second week in December. Should it not arrive by then, kindly let us know so we can take action right away. In the future, we\'ll advise cashing out near the end of the month to maximize earnings cashed out and minimized relative wait time. After all, as long as the cash out is within the same month, it will be processed at the same time.

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Sorry bang! Next time I would khatam your policies first before I start sending you hate mail asking those stupid questions. Hehehe.


  1. hihi sabar u, sabarrr :D sure dah pikir nak spend ke mana duit tu eh ;)

  2. haha,rilex DM. ramai je yg salah faham dari segi tu.

  3. pinkerton : tu lah dah lamaaaaaaaaaaa pikir kat mana nak sPEnd. tak sabar dah!

    liz rohaizat : huhuhu...yaka. akibat tak baca policy betoi betoi. hehehe

  4. amboi tak dan dan....hihihi...takpa, jgn risau nanti sampai ke muka pintu punya...ihihi

  5. bolehlah enjoy christmas sales nanti :)

  6. KB : haa memang tak dan dan tegedik dah nih. wakakkakaka

    lily lotus : yeah i hope so! :-)

  7. a'ah memang diorang proses cek at the end of the month...hehe takpe first time kan..chill sudah!



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