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Why was my baby crying in the corner?!?!

The big guy's friend threw a birthday party for his son earlier today. So we went and met up with the friends, spouses and their kids. There was this one aunty whom the little guy used to adore. Aunty cantik lah katakan! So when we met just now, the aunty was only too happy to entertain him. The little guy on the other hand was trying to juai mahai as he's all grown up now. Konon Spiderman kaaaannnn! Mesti lah macho tak layan pompuan!

Then while he played around, his fingers got stuck in between the kitchen sliding door. I knew it had to be painful so I was kinda amazed when he actually brushed it off and disappeared into the kitchen without even as much as a flinch. Then after a couple of minutes when he didn't make an appearance, I went into the kitchen to check on him.
There was my baby, standing at a shadowed corner, crying quietly! I went to him and asked if it was painful and he answered that it was, but in a verrrrrrrry hushed voice. Then it occurred to me, my baby was ashamed to cry in front of the aunties, especially aunty cantik! OMG!!! I can't believe that he's all grown up, dia dah pandai nak control macho! OMG OMG!!! 

Please don't grow up too fast little guy. Stay being my baby for a while longer, would you???


  1. ihikss..bagussssnya irfan ni...
    kalo untiess tak cantek mesti dia dah melalak no...

  2. auuuwwww.....i pulak rase nak time flies..kan??rase sakit beranak tak hilang lagi..tapi anak depan mata dah all matured and grown up...

  3. ya ampunnnnnn... dah pandai kontrol macho ya irfan hehehehe....

  4. amboi~

  5. oooowwwhhhh tat is just so precious! and pandai plak nak control infront of ppl now eh ... i mean ladies!!! .. heheheh ...

    btw we had fun playing spiderman yesterday ... he was showing me all of his spidey stunts ... sejibik ok!!! =P

  6. wah3x...irfan control macho okeh depan aunty cantik hahaha

  7. auwww.. so cute~
    pandai dh control macho..

  8. fuiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kalu sami sumpah nangis kuat2 hahhaha hebat lah irfan!! auntie suka!!

  9. hahaha. comelnya.
    pandai pulak dia kontrol macho.

    wei, i wonder la... bapak dia dulu kontrol macho apa dpn u.

  10. wah...berdrama sungguh budak kecik bernama irfan ni,

  11. sz mass : i pun rasa camtu gak. ekekekke

    cru734ngel : betul! i pun tetiba sebak jap kat situ. kehkeh

    lady : iyaaa, tak sangka!!!

    eis : hiks :-)

    papakeechee : hahaha...tu lah memula dia dok bising lah nak kena tinggai ngn mak bapak...lucky him his fave aunty came to save the day for him! hehehehe

    yatie : haaa dia memang camtu depan aunty cantik. haha

    farah : tu lah sob sob! he's all grown up! hiks

    ely : haa dulu irfan camtu gak. tu yang i tekejut dia pi nengis semnyi2! hiks

    dr singa : dia habaq kat doc ka? wakakakkaa

  12. isabelle : hahh...takdaknya control! kentut depan i pun tak cover tau dulu. lani lagiiiiiiiiii lah! hahaha

    balkis : very! the! drama! hahahaha

  13. cepat je mereka ni grow up kan?
    bole tak kalau ada remote control untuk bagi slow sikit. tak puas nak godek2 si kecik tu.kalau dah besar, nak godek2, dia pun malu.

  14. Alalalalalalaaaaa.. comey la plak



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