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REALLY????Are you a celebrity or something?

I was just telling his big mommy that the little guy now has developed a habit of identifying everything around him and pair them with their rightful owners. Like when we go Tesco, he saw a water bottle that his little cousion has, and shouted "Mama, tu Arees punyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" and so on and so forth. Sampaikan baldi kat Tesco pun dia boleh identify to be ours! Thank God he didn't ask us to bring it back. That would be a chronic case of a control freak, I would say. Haha!

Tapi tu ok lagi. While we were at Jusco one time, he saw vacuum cleaners similar to ours and requested to take pictures with it. Not only ONE PICTURE ok. He made me snap and snap until he was satisfied with the outcome. And here's the photo that he thought cute enough to be displayed publicly! Lu ingat lu celebrity ka budak kecik oi?

And then he started forcing me to take his pictures with all the items that he thought were cute! But I gave up after one shot, hide behind the aisle and let his father handle the wailing toddler!

Somebody save me from this boy pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!


  1. ayoyo..kecik2 sudah pandai aa..eheheheh

  2. so cute! leh kalahkan artis gini :D

  3. anak eliss skang kalo nampak b*ra, ni te*tek Ummi dia kata :p aduhai..hari tu balik kg, yang nenek dia pun dia kata Ummi punya..:p

  4. cu734ngel : ha'ah tu lah. besar2 nanti taktau lah camana. hiks

    rasp : haaa tu lah. overrr!

    elissmie : hahahahha! horrorrrrrrrrr!!! kehkeh

  5. so cute this boy...

    he said : ello mommy...i celebrity what..!!!! penang mari!!" hahahhhaha...cute..sgt cute!! :)

  6. hmm ade potensi nie kak nak jadi orang terkenal..;)))

  7. haha.. amboi kemain lagi dia siap suruh snap pic lagi..

  8. hahahha..leh anta itu budak tecit pg casting la

  9. ahhahaha bestnyer..ikot mommy ler tuh kuat begamba :p

    nwey i think u should reserve 1 room for ur work...senang bersepah2 pon mmg nk gune brg2 nyer ..xyah kemas byk2 kali...hihih --komen tuk last entry u...hihh jimat mase :p --

  10. kahkhakahkahkahkahkah ok tak tahan gelak guling



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