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Nak free make up class / make over tak ladies?

Recently, I bought an eyeshadow pallet from Anna. She's one of the makeup artist and I simply love her works. Very the cantik and aspiring! Then earlier this evening, I got a message in my FB from Anna. It's about this campaign called the  First Swing Blush Campaign.

Menariknya about this campaign is, you'll get a free makeup class (or make over I'm a bit confused here) if you win it. But since it's in KL, I'm jsut gonna have to pass. But to all of you my beautiful blogger friends out there, boleh lah join. Untung-untung menang kan.

Make Up by Anna is on a mission to do what we can to help improve the lives of those in our community and beyond. Therefore we are here to launch our First Swing Blush Campaign.
 Win yourself a free make up lesson by Anna Ladycherrie  plus a swinging good deal of goodies bag.

Whether it’s the lady in the power suit or the ones who provide warmth of the house. Send us (
1 : Photo of you
2: Talk to us about what do u believe in beauty 
3: Tell us how would the make over help you
4: Include your full name,email,contact no,address

To enter, send a request to join the page by including your name and email and get the password from Anna Ladycherrie. Campaign Expires Nov 5th 2010.

You can find her on FB or email her at 


  1. wahhh menarik ni....hurmm nak try walaupun daku tak pandai make over, make over ni...:P

  2. wahhh bestnya...rasanya dok mekap sakan masa kawen je dolu2 ... tu pun rasa cam tepung gomak dah..kuikui

  3. salam, semua org boleh join ke mama?



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