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Drama Mama Ada Darah Keturunan Morocco?

OH TIDAKKKK!!!! I don't even have that exotic Moroccan look now, do I? Hahaha! But I do have a soft spot for Moroccan-Bohemian inspired design as they create a real warm and romantic atmosphere in any house.

Our bedroom is very minimal in terms of look and design. Because we try not to create clutter in the bedroom, so the furniture has to be minimal. We have a wardrobe, a queen size mattress, a single mattress, a chest of drawer, and a TV in it. Arranged haphazardly according to where we can make space for them. We are yet to have a bed because we can't really agree on the type of bed that we want. Until now.

I've always have a plan for our bedroom to be revamped with a romantic look. It is the most suitable place to rekindle our ..ehem!, love.. so romantic would be the best character to consider in revamping the room.

 So couple of days back, after reading my cousin's blog, I narrowed down and finalized (for now) the design theme I want to use for our bedroom! It will morrocan-bohemian inspired theme, though I might not want it to be totally Moroccan-Bohemian in every single detail. I want it to have the mixture of both our taste and characters to be included in it too. One thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple, as our bedroom isn't huge. And the kid(s) would be spending their nights with us in the bedroom too until God knows when! So, say NO TO CLUTTER / EXCESSIVE FURNITURE!

Now, we should start listing all the main/side elements we need to buy for the room. Such as a platform bed, warm-colored curtains, bed sheet (again?!?) / bed spread, throw cushions and eclectic side table.

These are among all the gorgeous but I'm-sure-it's-out-of-our-budget platform bed I'm drooling over!

All these will depend on our budget gak lah kan. Platform bed doesn't come cheap now, do they?!? So does all the unique and eclectic pieces of furniture and other elements. But I still want a Moroccan-Bohemian bedroom, how?

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  1. gagagaga...cantiknyaaaa....
    sapa nak tlg makeoverkan my home pulak?
    *batting eyelids @ dramamama*

  2. oh oh...i love the lastr pic..purple and pink(though takde pink lam tu) is my most fav color..and simple je design dia..hmm...good luck in revamping ur bedroom..:)

  3. dear,
    if u still want to have platform bed..i can suggest you to go and have a visit to this furniture shop named urban culture..i dunno if they have a branch at penang, but if there is felle then they should have UC..sbb depa satu fren had bought his platform bed for only RM1.2K (without a mattress la..)-very nice similar to ur 1st photo..
    or else..kalu pening sgt nak crk..u can ask ur big guy to DIY a platform which can fit ur a bed head..u can put some wall paper to the design theme (buleh jd featured wall jugak) change ur bedroom to what ever theme u want ..doesn't mean that u have to buy everything rite.. :)
    good luck in your mission possible ya !!

  4. kitorang punya lebih kurang camni..

    beli kat homelife kat PISA tu.. tepi2 tu bleh bukak simpan barang... masa beli skali dgn tilam RM3K.. king size.. itu dah 2 tahun lebih.. la ni macam dah murah gak.. kalau nak beli, time hujung2 tahun nanti banyak aaa offer...

  5. isabelle : haaa i design u bayar k. then u bayarkan makeover i skali boleh? hahahahhaha

    cu734ngel : ha'ah i love purple too. it's romantic color kan, tu yang sukaaaaaaa sangat! hiks

    working mom : oh really, that's not bad at all!i pernah nampak UC tapi tak sure lak katna, i'm thinking of the one without headbord as well sebab fikir nak letak a huge frame kat atas tu. will check it out nanti :-)

    oh 3k king size eh, standard price kat fella tu kan. tapi we can't have king size lah, bilik kecik sangat plus all my 9 sets of bedsheets dah queen size. haha. but thanks for the info, nanti nak go check it out. heeeeeeeeeee. kalau tau kat mana2 ada offer nanti inform tau!

  6. lawaaa i suka bedroom in the third pic tu nampak kemas sgt, nak sapu sampah pun sonang hehehe

  7. nice colour options. tp kalau guna katil yg ada space kat bawah like normal bed frames, amat useful as storage area. boleh guna one of those IKEA flat storage boxes

  8. lady : kann...senang nak kemas and sapu. plus the fact that with kids, no matter how much u kemas pun the room senang nak get messier, so kena kurangkan barang. hehe

    kayla : amin tak suka katil yang ada storage kat bawah sebab collect dust. aku pun malas gak nak sapu. wakakkaaka, pemalas. :-p

  9. yg queen pun ada... less dalam 200 laa banding dgn king... pi laaa jalan2 bawak irfan.. hahaha.. habis semua katil dia test tido nanti..

  10. mamaeesya : haa tu part paling best la kan...part depa nak testing katil. wakakakakka

  11. i love the 1st and 3rd bed.. best kan klau byk duit?? semua bende bley buat.. huhu~

  12. heheheh..i ske jalan2 test katill..ekekeke, baru2 ni beli katil baru utk guess room, jenuh berbulan2 mengetest br jumpe yg berkenan dihati dan di poket...ekekekke

  13. i do love the minimal design...teringin gile nk bedroom camni huhuhu...cantik n simple tak terlalu crowded kan :)



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