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My bad customer service experience!

Last night, I went to one hair saloon at Sg. Ara, owned by one Mister Amin. I wanted to try the new style of braid that he claimed to know how to make. But it was not my wisest decision ever! Not only the guy wasn't professional, he too gave up after only one try. Clearly, he didn't know his stuff well.

He claimed that I was not being cooperative, he can't do it because my hair was messy and so many other excuses lah. Hello, kalau tak reti menari, don't lah blame the floor! Sheesh!

Verdict : Totally bad customer service experience! Phbbbbbttttt!

P/S : Saloon owner = the big guy if you guys haven't figure. Muahahahaha!


  1. ehhh... mcm tu pulak! kesian u dear...

  2. gosh....hate that situation! he supposed to let u informed tht he's not that good in it and suggest a different style instead. hm..~

  3. kesiannyer...kene sound jer dia tu baru padan..ada ek nak salahkan kita plak..dia yg xreti..

  4. aiseyyy.. ni yg bantutkan niat i nak pi saloon dptkan rambut raya ni. kang terus jadi buruk, naya je.

  5. hahaha!! ... Boleh ka cam tu ... at least google la dulu cam mana nak buat braid baru try test ... wakakaka ... oh please ask Barber Amin to redo my nephews hair skit ... bagi macho skit ... =P

  6. You almost got me there lah!!!!

    So you mogok ah, no cooking, no cleaning??

  7. hahaha
    bai.. next time u offer buat rambut dia pulak
    ada brani tak ;)

  8. pergh!!hang pa mau tengok la pompuan ni dok terklepet tak mau toleh sikit pun...abeh camana aku nak buat..hello SIL..dah siap youtube dah nak buat cornrows...tapi minah ni haa!!

  9. hahaha saba jela..i ingat saloon mane td

  10. waakaakakakak... i pun ingat salun mana lah tadi hakhakhak..



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