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Apalah nasib, vacation terpaksa dibatalkan. Sob sob!

One fine morning, hubby texted me telling that we'd be going to Langkawi end of the month. With his team members as they wanted to celebrate- ermmmm - celebrate something  which didn't really matter to me  Because the moment I heard of the plan, I was already mentally spending the money on the pinggan mangkuk Corelle that I wanna hangkut balik! And that was all that matters, really.

Sadly, a week later I was again informed that the plan had been cancelled as they couldn't find any affordable hotels to rent at that time. Cuti sekolah kan! So, although I had already set in mind to have a vacation sometime soon, tapi tetap lah I redha dengan takdir ku ini. Haha!

A couple of days back as I was blog hopping I came across this lady's blog telling about their vacation in - well - some place nice, where I know we would enjoy ourselves. So, after practicing my puss-in-boots  look in front of the mirror for a couple of times, I instantly suggested to hubby for us to go vacationing to the very same place too! He sort of like agreed to it, provided that we can find the best deal / package that'll suit our ciput budget.


You can't tell how happy I was that I immediately began to google all the info I could about the place. OH, since we're no orang kaya who can just hop on the plane and go vacationing whenever we feel like it, we will need to save for the trip if we're adamant to make it happen. Kalau menang loteri 1 juta tu belakang kira lah! Haha! InsyaAllah, hopefully we can have a vacation by November, as that's my birthday month. Not forgetting the month we started became an item, more than 9 years ago!

So, from now on I can only look whenever you guys go shopping, sambil menggigit jari! But hubby, jangan lah buat naya kat saya sampai baju raya pun takleh beli, ok? Hehehe!


  1. it will be kalau its meant to be. yg penting u make the effort. ;)

  2. takpe, tak jadik yg tu, jadik pulak yg ni.... okeh la tuh.... hehehehe....

  3. wahhhh... cam jauh jer bunyinye... mesti best nih... eh, kalau nak corelle, leh tgk sini..

    kakak i beli dari this blog juga.. then her hubby pegi langkawi, dia cakap beza rm10 jer.. hehe.. so consider oklah dari nak berangkut naik flight kan.. but.. this one based in bangi.. hehe.. so kakak i COD jer.. so jimat postage..

  4. Cancelled holiday plans memang sangat lah men-tensionkan!! I feel for you! :-D Harap2 Nov plan for you ni on lah ya!!!

  5. kena ligat buat diaper cakes nie. nanti baru masyukkk...
    i pun tgh plan ke langkawi (actually guna alasan to visit my practical training students).hehehe.
    harap2 xkan affect the 1st trimester nih.

  6. x jd pi ke Bai..kalu x, leh jumpa sana..kak ct pi hujung bln ni (hopefully jd la)..huhu. Leh x Bai advice utk harga pinggan mangkuk tu..nak mintak allocation ngan en. suami ni..hehe

  7. nak gi mana babe? mesti best dpt gi vacation on ur birthday month :)

    btw, i'm a novemberian too

  8. buat pengumuman ni...kalau kira tak jadi malu la kan...mangkar la lu...kira husband la salah kan...hahahaha...bijak2...minum dulu...

  9. zonan : hahahahha....harus bijak dalam every plan. :-p tu pun nasib i tak reveal nak pi mana hokehhh! hehehhehehehe

  10. alaa kesiannye bai, hehe takpe2, next time boleh pegi..
    air asia tgh promotion ni (ada lagi 2 hari) gi la booking tickets ;)

  11. takpe, next time sure akan ada masa yg sesuai..tapi ramai tul mood holiday skrg kan, ramai tengah booking airasia ada promo katanya...masih on ke idak agaknya skrg ni, lets find out

  12. pinkerton : ada lagi???? jom booking!!!! hehe

    lady : hopefully lah, insyaAllah :-D

  13. uuuuuuuuu..wonder where is that spot of vacation?bunyi mcm menarik.. hihi..hmmm..vacation **daydreaming



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