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Pesanan Suami "DON'T OVER-COMMIT!"

Fuh! Doing business is not easy after all. I've had my first REAL difficulties while processing the order, and it taught me a great lesson on what my husband had been telling me before : "DON'T OVER COMMIT!".

But I did exactly that with this order.

I agreed to take order from one of my auntie on Saturday with all the basic details and budget, and promised to deliver on Sunday kamikaze sungguh kan!. As I was already on the way to my PIL's house at that time, I didn't had the time to do quotation and just made a rough mental note on what to get for this order. In between visiting the PIL and another auntie who was going for umrah, I managed to make a stop to get the stuff and processed them later that night after we got home at MIDNIGHT.

Unfortunately, my creative juice seemed to dry up at the wee hours, perhaps because it was already close to 1 a.m when I started processing it, and I was already too tired from one whole day of visiting. But I was lucky to find out earlier that the delivery could be postponed because my nephew was hospitalized due to jaundice, so the visiting had to be postponed too.
This time around, since everything was rushed I seemed to find it very difficult to make the cake presentable. Only after 2 days of trying many many different arrangements, it was finally completed. It was just so and so but I think it's not so bad, I hope I could do better next time. Anyway, putting aside the appearance of the cake; there was another thing to add to my dismay, I burst the budget!

I was too worried as the customer had stated the maximum budget, and no matter what I have to at least pay back the advanced capital from my husband. So I had to try and eliminate things that I could from the list, including my labor charge a.k.a profit, duit minyak, parking and delivery. And alhamdulillah, after striking off some things from the list, I managed to get back the modal.

After everything is settled and I had the time to lean back and contemplate, I remembered what my brother said to me recently "Don't think about how to sell, but think about how to keep on selling." So no matter what, we must keep the customer happy. And so I hope to be able to do that, to give the best I could and hope the customer will be satisfied with it.

One important lesson learned from this. NO MORE OVER-COMMITTING!


  1. Baizurah.. yg ni sgt cantik okay.. ala² baseball player theme.. sy suke!!!

  2. Cantik......................
    I like!!!

  3. waahhh cantiknyaaaa...
    betullah kata hubby u tu..
    tp baru nk cubakan mesti ada silap skit here and there...

  4. ayu : glad u like it, bukan nak ambik hati saya kan? ;-)

    cik nana : thanks...kalau ada newborn can order from me lah huhu :-p

    liana : get started i guess tak perlu focus too much on profit yet kot, eh..just think on how to improve and provide the best for customer kan.

  5. agree with u... kepuasan customer tu is our priority kan..
    :) customer happy kikta pun lega..

  6. "Don't think on how to sell, but think on how to keep on selling." <-- suka ini.

    good luck ya!

  7. keep up the good work..soon ur schedule will full with order, insyaAllah

  8. baizurah,ni nmpk mcm lain dr yg lain.nice one :)

  9. hihihihi...bai, i baca entry u ni nampak u cam kelam kabut skit... dont worry dear... mesti ok punye asalkan dapat memenuhi kehendak pelanggan...

    2 thumbs up for ur creativity...
    baseball tu unik tuh... nice one!

  10. lady : yesss, no matter what try to please customer kan. insyaAllah

    eis : yes, i like that quote too. thanks.

    balkis : ameen! insyaAllah..thanks dear ;-)

    amy : :-) bila hang nak beranak ni tak sabaq hehehee

    fizamior : a'ah i memang kelam kabut. i bila tak dapat nak stick to plan i would be like this...huhuhu

  11. Nampak bagus la bisness yg u buat ni, lain dari yg lain..keep it up..

    Ok, i datang sini nak bagi resepi sambal belacan:..
    Bahan:2 bj cili besar, 6 bj cili kecik, sedikit belacan(sebesar ibu jari), sedikit gula, garam, air asam jawa(pekat) n 1/2 bj limau kasturi.

    Cara2: tumbuk semua bahan2 tadi, setelah agak lumat, masukkan air asam jawa n last sekali perah limau n masukkan ngan kulitnya sekali..siap..selmat mencuba..

  12. Nope.. bkn utk amik ati.. my first thot was, "Nape la sy takde anak lagik ni" klau tak leh pau this one hahah

  13. nice work done bai! all the best ;)

  14. yah..bila aku dapat new born..hang nak buat bentuk apa???



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