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Under Construction

Internet is very-very BAD! That's what you get with free stuff, isn't it? Bad service, bad connection, everything bad. I can't even change the layout of this blog properly, it's always halfway done and looks very much like an unfinished construction job, isn't it?

Anyway, please check out my biz blog spread the words. Please bear in mind that the blog is still under construction tho', and with this bad connection, who knows when it'll be completed?!

And please don't think that I don't miss reading all your stories, coz I DO! Will bloghop when the connection allows me to. Till then, have a jovial time everyone!


  1. lama tak nampak...
    btw internet connection lately agak slog kan.. nak bukak youtube slalu tsekat2..

  2. it's quite good actually with all the vital information needed and supporting snapshots ... I'm sure the more u work on it the better it will get ... will start promoting it in my blog now ^_^ ... good luck kay!

  3. congrats for ur new born bizz..wish u luck!

  4. Fuh, finally jumpa gak blog u. b4 ni dok bloghopp from blog Farah, pastu dia ubah setting dah tak terjumpa blog u. Nasibaik terjumpa kat blog jetsetter hehe..

  5. waaah..tahniah baizurah! dah bukak blogshop sendiri tu! semoga rezeki mencurah2 masuk :D



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