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What is blogging to you?

Blogging for me is like writing in my own little diary. I write about what I feel like writing in here, just like I did with my diary back when I was in school and college. Sometimes you write to express happiness, and sometimes you write to vent out anger.

The bad thing about blogging publicly is, you can't control who reads them. Worst, some people might misinterpret what you write. Thus, that got me thinking whether or not to keep my blog private and invite only those readers who frequently read them.

I will make that decision soon.


  1. actually dr blog jugak kita dapat ramai kawan.. tapi tulah tak sumer orang paham apa yg cuba kita sampaikan.. kdg kita tulis lain tapi dia maksudkan lain.. lebih sadis kalau perasangka buruk berlaku.. so blogging ni memang ada pro dan contra..

    tapi kalau u nak privatekan ur blog jgn lupa invite i kekekeke...

  2. betul2.. blog ni i slalu anggap sbg tempat meluahkan apa i rasa... tapi takut juga kalau ada yg salah faham kan...
    btw, kalau nak private blog, jangan lupakan i yer...

  3. liana : tu lah, i love all the new friends i made through blogging, though never met but somehow sentiasa dapat supports from kawan2 blogging. weird but true kan.

    and dun worry, ur among the top in my list. :-)

    lady : yesss....sometimes when u write things that are vague, people tend to misinterpret. insyaAllah, lady mana ble lupa. ur comments always make my day ;-)

  4. kite pon once pernah tulis pasal ni and the possibility of keep mine private..tapi tak privatekan pon...hehehe..

    anyway,even tough kita jarang berkomentar..but I always read ur blog..kalo nak private do invite me kay =)

  5. kalau nak private blog, invite la saya ye ;)

  6. rasanya kena setting jangan kasi anon kacau le ek...:( tak suke tul...

    btw..i pun anggap blog one of the way we show our happiness...sadnes...
    at least kita dpt gak share ngan org..bukan alasan nak show off or just for sharing..

    apapun kalau nk private invite me kay :)

  7. Tq visit my blog....i follow ur blog....nice drama....hehe....nuff zzz...

  8. ur blog mmg superb and and ur creation mmg kretif! if u nak privatekn i sokong aje.

    private u own blog but open ur bisnes entry (i nak tnya how to do that) tapi paling pentinggggg jgn lupe invite i... itu wajib haha:P

  9. I've thot abt it few times already. Its human nature - ppl tend to assume things when they dont even know us in person!

  10. yes public blog u can 100% write wat u want..cos some might wrongly interpreted it or some might terase tk tentu pasal...nwey do invite me yaa ;-)

  11. public or private ya... that's a tough one.. kalau jadi buat private, don't forget to invite me too ya :) tapi aku rasa nak stay public still okay kot, just have to filter things that ko rasa ko tanak get too public la kot?

  12. tepuk dada tanye selera...

    to me, yg nak tulis kat blog..benda yg ok for public..kalo nak private, i got another private blog (blog syok sendiri) :D i sorang aje baca..huhuhuhu...

  13. agreed! kdg2 bende kecik pon boleh jadi besaarr bila org misinterpret apa kite tulis kan huhu.. tak best aa sbb kita tak free nak tulis sesuka hati kite kan hehe..
    kalau private jgn lupa invite i ye bai :D

  14. if u private it, pls invite me babe!

  15. some ppl cannot understand the meaning of personal opinions kot ... semua kena ikut dia jek ... dunia oh dunia!!

    as long as i;m in ur list!! tak pe =)

  16. stay public!! For those who can't take it...don't suggestion to you mama - put a note of apology if u think ur entry might offend anyone in particular

  17. kita angkat tangan ni!!!
    jangan lupa kita1!!

  18. jangan lupekan daku baizurahh!! hehe



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