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Birthday Celebration

Well, on to the much awaited story, it's time to tell about the birthday celebration!!!

Haha, yeah right! Perasan Much awaited la sangat. Seriously, it was far from being a grand celebration. In fact, I bet all of you have had better celebrations than me, you know, fine dining, expensive gifts, going for a trip around the world or whatever. But then again, my husband tried his best to make me happy on my day and he did it all sincerely. I felt love emanating from his every pores and in his every actions in every single moment we spent yesterday. Yeah, corny, I know. But I'm just thankful that I have a husband who loves me for who I am and never for once try to change the way I am. A husband who truly wants me to be happy and try to please me in every way possible, Alhamdulillah. I coudn't really ask for more.

So yesterday after Friday prayer, we dropped the little one at my mum's and went to Gurney Plaza to watch The Time Traveler's Wife, courtesy of GSC. At first I thought we might be able to grab lunch here as we had about 20 minutes to kill before the movie started but hubby was hesitant about their halal status; so we grabbed a couple of 1901 hot dogs instead and had them at the Glitter's. See, far from being the most perfect lunch experience kan? But I felt like it was the best lunch I've ever had with my googly bear, despite the cikai-ness and him urging me to wallop them in one single bite, so he could go to the restroom before the show started.

And then, as I'd been nagging hubby to get me a new pair of heels for quite some time, we went to get exactly that after the movie.

Hubby really wanted me to get something similar to this but they didn't have it in my size. (Thank God!)

And I fell head over heels in love with something quite similar to this, also in black, but the heels they had were too thin for me, I don't think I would be able to balance myself on those thin sticks.

And so I had this instead!

It's nothing expensive but I love them to bits. They're so practical and comfy! And the design is so very me too.

And then, as I'd decided against cake this time bosan lah asyik telan cake saja we went to buy 'Nasi Kandar Tamil Street' for the birthday dinner with my family. My brother came down to Penang on a business trip so kasi chance la ikut selera dia. Dinner was fantastic! For those nasi kandar lover out there, sila try the nasi kandar ok, but don't forget to ask for the awesome sambal nyoq (nyior) to complete the meal.

My aunty and family came around after that and so the house was filled with laughter for two straight hours, until we called off the night at almost 12am. Came back to the house and ZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz.

See, nothing out of ordinary kan? But every year without fail I would be having the same thought 'Wow! This is the bestEST birthday I've ever had!'.


  1. i'm loving the heels..kalau ada wedge, mesti i mati2 nak beli.

  2. eis : haha, takdak "wow" factor pun dalam story telling i nih :-p

    mama-miya : the first one yang my hub suka tu wedges lah. i was torn in between wedges or heels sebenarnya ended up with heels hehe

  3. salam there,happy birthday to you,may you have wonderful years ahead.Where exactly is this nasi kandar tamil?I stayed in bayan baru for 2 yrs,tapi jalan kat town tue still tak familiar nama die.Oops,I bace silently before,can i link your blog?

  4. nice shoooesss! :))

    u guys are so sweet. hehe.

  5. Cun sungguh kasut tuh...teringin nak pakai tapi tak konfiden dgn tumit gitu...kalau wedges berani la :-p

  6. somthing for sure : U sgt comel la Bai..
    Love is in the air..i just can smell it!!

    Ehem..yg ke berape??

  7. Woops lupa lak..wat a great birthday gift!
    Shoesssssssssss..hmmm much yummier than cake ! Hahahah..

  8. not value of gift n venue n lunch wtsoever but the time he spend wit us kan..really2 dihargai kan ;-)great hubby of u ;-)

  9. cheryna :thanks dear, biasa2 ja :-)

    ami : yeah sure. ah it's actually kat chowrasta, my hubby called it nasi kandar globe but my mum called it nasi kandar tamil street. oh u penah dok penang 2 years eh? study or work?

    lea : fankkksss! hiks

    eynda : i pon tak berapa pandai pakai heels but this one is so comfy siap bole berlari dalam rumah pakai heels ni haha

    shaferlicious : thanks gorjes. and indeed shoes are waaaaaaaaaayyy yummier than cakes kan haha.anyway it's my 29th bday, age is jsut a number kan. i still feel young at heart :-p

    iefa : yerp that's what i cherish. rasa dihargai :-)

  10. cantekkkkk! kat mana c&k sana eh?
    nyam nyam i dah bau2 nasik kandaq dah ni hihihi ;p

  11. pinkerton : kat gurney plaza. heeeeeee bila u nak mai penang? haaaa makan nasik kandaq puas2 k nanti jangan teringat2 pulak haha

  12. ohhhh kasut tuh sungguh cun sekalik!! besh2!! besday celebration cam tuh la paling besh sekalik! kudos to hubby!!

  13. celebration yg sgt laa sweet..i wish to have the same way too.. :-(

    nice shoes...mine taktau nak dpt apa..but yes..stuffs doesnot means so much but the time spent together is more valuable..

    Anyway Bai..kasut sgt comel..boleh pinjam..?? :-P tp sure tak sama size and Ima tak reti pakai heels.. :-D

  14. imma : well, actually biasa2 ja but i think it became wonderful for me because i feel thankful for what I got. tak semestinya kena celebrate time birthday, if you managed to be with your loved ones pun it'll be enough to make you happy, kan?

    cheer up!

  15. DM - nice shoes...cantik!...

    ala2 gladiator pun ada...

  16. Ella : a'ah memang dok cari gladiator heels pon, so since this one adala jugak ciri2 gladiator trus i sambar. hiks

  17. salam kenal...rindunya dengan nasik kandaq penang... mmg ummphh!!1

  18. shanteknyer heels tuh *jeles2x* hehe

    btw, I dah paksa my hubby baca ur previous post on what ur hubby did on ur besday..hahahha..sengaja bagi hint utk dia kreatif sikit tahun depan ekekeke

  19. wow... happy birthday bai. many many more returns of the day!

  20. Nice!!! i see now ur all geared up for raya already !! I cant wait to see them ^_^

  21. hot mama : aaahhh memang umpphh!

    anon : thanks puga. :-)

    papakeechee : hah baju raya takdak la :-(

    yatie : hahahaha...naughty tau u nih. mesti husband u bengkek jaaaa kakakakakaka



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