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Suami kena Buli

This is one of my favourite photos during my sister's wedding, captured by the photographer. He's already like our family photographer as we always hire him for most family events, and I'm satisfied with his works so far. Those in Penang can check out his website if you're interested:

Arees and Irfan bullying the big man


  1. kak yah asal irfan malu2 that nite? haha. ariez kinda hyperactive, he chased my lil' bro sampai balik sebab my lil' bro said to him "im a monster, im not afraid of you". bhahahh

  2. sukaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! love this pic tooo

  3. fatihah : dia memang camtu ngn strangers/ people he's not familiar with. arees plak memang suka main, dapat orang layan dia lagi la syok dia lari sana sini haha

    zoora : nicely captured kan, i like it too!



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