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Raya Cookies - 2nd Batch

The second batch of kuih raya - Mazola biscuit. I omitted the peanut on top as I was too lazy to fuss with them. They taste soooo good, thanks Kayla for the recipe!

I got 200 pieces of these, packed in 4 containers so again these will be distributed among my mother, MIL and myself. Perhaps I shall make more raya cookies tonight? ;-)

Are you done with your raya cookies?


  1. yeay,dah dpt rs dah mazola semalam!!
    mmg year bule buat lagi naa..

  2. bai, ur bola2 mazola looks great! those peanuts on top yg aku nye tu caoi yg rajin potong2 kan (he also willingly helped me de-skin the peanuts!). next try la Flower Biscuits pulak ;)

  3. intan : hehe okie la kan pada biscuit cocoa walnut tu keras haha

    kayla : hehe, but they cracked! luckily taste sedap alhamdulillah. tapi skit sangat buat. waaaaaa caoi rajinnya, i jate de-skinning those peanuts k! terus give up nak letak peanuts on top hehe

  4. pandainya buat kuih raya!!!!! and seriusly.. kayla id very good at cooking.. still remember her carrot cake and cookies..
    i really cant bake i think...

  5. looks yummy indeed!!! i cant wait for rayaaaaaaa!!!! ^_^

  6. zoora : yaka? how come i never knew my own classmate good in cooking. haaa tak penah pon bawak carrot cake gi studio tsk tsk tsk

    i thot i can't bake too, tapi ble ja buat kuih raya. after this ble venture into cakes plak hehe

    papakeechee : yeah me too! hehe

  7. owhh maa god...1 of ma feveret cookiess....huhuhuhuhu those day ..mase kecik2 mama slalu buat...dh besar ni kiteorg kate tkyah...let us BUY for u...hihi tgk ur pict..tekenang...beli tk sedap cam buat...huuuhhuhu

  8. for the record, carrot cake mak aku yg buat tau! aku tak pernah ever buat skali pun tau... aku tukang bawak je... hehehe... oh zoora, ur exaggerating! aku ni dah kahwin baru la start masak main2 (until now pun) :p and aku rasa ramai antara kita mcm tu jugak, betul tak? hehehe (well, except for those yg mmg dah rajin n terer masak since school and uni)



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