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Biskut Mazola

Last sunday was spent baking the cocoa walnut cookies. Oh, I think I've perfected them and now they're not as hard as Hagrid's infamous cake anymore. I made 6 containers of these to be distributed among mum, MIL and myself. While mum and I were busy baking, Irfan was busy making a wreck with the dough. So definitely the cookies will have a hint of Irfan's taste in them. Oh, now I get it why he kept on asking for biscuit and more biscuit raya nowadays. Haha!

Hopefully tomorrow my mum will be able to come to the house, so I could proceed with baking Biskut Mazola. I have yet to try Kayla's recipe for Mazola, and my aunt's recipe for Bunga Cina cookies (? i don't even know how it looks like, but my mum ask me to make them haish!). I hope I will have the time and mood to make some cornflakes, as hubby is quite interested to make them. I want them with honey but he wants them with chocolate, so we dare each other to bake each our own, and see whose will taste better. Hehe..

Oh, I can't wait to make more raya cookies. And I better go and hide those I have before my son finishes them all!


  1. farah : will put up recipe bila i rajin kang eh hehe

  2. Kak Yah, nak rasa kuih yg kak yah buat laaa. Haha! (:

  3. kak ct : hehe menjadi jugak akhirnya ;-)

    fatihah : jemput la ke rumah ya raya nanti, kalau malu mai sorang sila mai ngn akhbar kuikuikui

  4. macam lah dia nak.. dia nnt lari.. agagaa

  5. fatihah : hahaha kalau dia lari hambat ngn skuter wakakakka



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