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Revenge is sweet, but...

I heard on the national television just now, that whatever bad things people do to you that makes you feel mad and vengeful about it, just strain yourself from taking revenge. Leave it to God to give them what they deserve. Because, by doing so you'll be awarded with the best thing you could ever think of - WHATEVER GOOD DEEDS, if there's any, that the person did before, the pahala will be passed on to you.

Oh kecik2 dulu memang suka cakap camtu ngn kawan-kawan. Whenever friends teased us, we would say "Alhamdulillah, pahala hampa dapat kat kami". But of course I wasn't too sure if it was true, but hearing it from the mouth of the well-known ustazah a couple of hours earlier, I now believe it.

Isn't it wonderful that by just being patient and straining yourself from taking sweet revenge, you get the pahala not only from your own good deeds but from the other person's as well.

All the more reason to polish up our akhlak (attitude), isn't it?

Sekian tazkirah di hari Jumaat.

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