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Of the blue room

I haven't been doing design for ages. Seriously, AGES. Suddenly with our house, even though we only wanted to paint the walls, but saya telah beria-ia memikirkan konsep segalanya. Hahaha.. Lemme try to present it to you :

This room has the potential to be the most frequently used room as it has the nicest view of all, in comparison to other rooms in the house. It overlooks the playground and also the pool, thus it kinda gives you a euphoric feeling whenever you're in it.

Since it's a playroom, thus the most suitable concept I could think of is to bring the playground feeling inside the room. So, how do I propose to do that?

1) Since it's a playroom, so most of the toys will be arranged in here. The toys will definitely add colors to the room and those bright colors will stimulate the boy's mind to make him more active and interactive.

2) Wall art : painting the wall with stripe effect and framed drawings will be hung on one side of the wall.

However, I will also add some framed pictures of Irfan and us, the parents, to make the room more personalized.

What feelings do I get upon entering this room?

Upon entering it, you'll be greeted by stripey walls on all sides. It gives you the feeling like you're in a birthday present box, and somehow you'll be expecting the clown puppet to pop out anytime from the box (and scare you off!).

Do I make any sense?

Well, moving on with the concept, colors will definitely create fun environment for the room. However, too much colors everywhere will create confusion and makes the room looks messy. Thus I'm dividing the room into two zones.

I want to minimize the colors used in one zone of the room. We need white curtain and some white/beige throw cushions for the carpet. White picture frames will be hung at the wall, under the cute froggy light. All this will be done this weekend insyaAllah.

This is another zone of the room - the fun zone - where there's splashes of colors everywhere. I was actually thinking to do a makeover for the wardrobe. I wanted to paint the wood white, but hubby said it'll look ugly. What do you guys think?

This is where all the drawings will be hung later. I didn't want to paint this wall stripes as I think it'll compete with the colorful drawings. Thus, we keep it minimal with a light blue paint for the wall.

For now these are the only things we have for the room. The furniture are all mix and match, thus it doesn't really create a designer look. However I'm quite satisfied with the new look for now, and it'll be improved stage by stage, insyaAllah.

Oh goodie, my verbal presentation sucks! Not like how it used to be. But I still deserve a round of applause, or perhaps a standing ovation for the effort, don't I? :-p


  1. i'm impressed!!! It's very very nice ... bravo to my BIL who did a brilliant job ... should have hired him for our painting works ... eekeekeke ...

    yes ... get rid of that curtain ... doesn't do justice to the room!!!
    about the cupboard it depends on the wood kan ... takut after u paint it'll look weird ... but then u've got a pro in your hands ... what can go wrong?!?!? ^_^

  2. papakeechee : oh well, first thing is to hire me to come out with the DESIGN, choose colors and such, lepas tu only can hire him to paint. we work as a team..sorang2 cannot..wakakakka

    yes curtain akan ditukar insyaAllah. and the cupboard tu...yes i'm quite afraid as well that it'll look weird, perhaps just let it be lah..brown is not so bad kan :-D

  3. i memang berkenan btul dgn blue room ni..ok jugak kalau paint almari tu jadi putih..

    sure ur son happy main dalam bilik ni!

  4. farah : okie yer if paint putih, lagi masyuk kan? hehe will think about it first :-D

    oh yes, he keeps on going into the room and say "tatiiiikkk" (cantik) hahaha

  5. a'ha...wuow my dear SIL..u should ask this wife of mine the nagging i went through to get the painting done...and i agree with you on the cupboard...let's not paint it!!!

  6. hahaha..yes kak rina, if you want the job to be completed at all, you'll hafta NAG HIM, okeh!



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