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Jom main pick up sticks!

Does any of you still remember this game? This is one of the game we used to play when we were little. It's the "sticks" game or whatchamacallit.

It all started last weekend while we were browsing through the toys section to get a toy for our nephew who has turned one a few days ago. Hubby was contemplating to buy a board game for us, the parents. We were choosing and browsing and choosing again when I suddenly saw it. I insisted that we grabbed this instead as it's been too long since the last time I played this game.

Oh, really we shouldn't have bought this thing. It has become the cause for us to quarrel every night (literally). Whenever we started playing, we'd start calling each other liar. Oh yes! He cheated every time we played. Seriously. Either that or my eyes played tricks on me.

I mean, how can it be possible for you to pick up the stick that's closely sticking to another one without making the other one move? How come hubby can do that, like all the time??? Mesti dia jampi aku nih, so that I won't see them move, cehh!

The first night we played, I won. But a couple of times after that, I refused to finish the game and always demanded a rematch when I started losing. Of course, he was using tricks unknown to me, cheating me out of the victory that's supposed to be mine! Of course I couldn't just sit there and let him win without a fight now, could I?

Oh my, now I just sound like a sore loser.


  1. Pick up sticks!?!? I think Thatcamacallit =)
    kekek ... u know wat my colleagues and me were just looking at that just now while we were cruising through Tesco ... but we didnt like the colors ... dull unlike those days where there were more brighter colors ...

    and masa kecik dulu played with my cousins and siblings and of course they all cheated!!!! hahahah ... it was fun actually =)

  2. kak rina : oh so that's the name!!! hahaha ya ya the colors not like before..but we still bought it. hehe... oh yes! they all loves cheating kan,we play fair that's why we lose. wakakkakaka

  3. I dunno the game.. but I remember the person who introduced this game to me: ADAM!!! Hehehe..

  4. ayu : hahaha..knowing Adam dolu2 like what u guys told me, i'm sure he cheated when he played with u guys kan..hahaha

  5. x reti pun nak main nih....

    bai n ayu..i ada kat penang nih...meh la belanja i...kekekekeke

  6. alah sweetnya gaduh2 manja ngan hubby. hihi i remember playing this game with my brothers masa kecik2 dulu & mmg sampai bergadoh2 la. smpai buat2 bebal tanak main dah bila ada org yg main tipu

  7. watie : tak reti kena belajaq nih :-p, rugi kalau tak mein

    watie, apa fon no aritu tah? tak save, bagi skali lagi bole??

    anne : haha sweet kaaaannnnn (tolong muntah darah)..haha...memang main ni mesti gadoh punya. last nite my hubby played with his bro pun asyik bertengkaq ja wakkakakakaka



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