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Another room makeover

While I'm still in the mood, I have a plan for the makeover of our bedroom pulak. Of course, it is just a plan, not sure when we can execute it. Perhaps after we're completely done with Irfan's room.

When we first moved in, we started with just a mattress and a small cupboard for this room, then slowly we added one furniture after another. Because of our fussiness, it's quite hard to decide on each piece as hubby and I both have our own preferences. But usually I would win in the end, as we both know I got better taste. Kwang kwang kwang...

However, we also prefer to keep it minimal as the space in this room is quite limited. As the saying goes, less is more. I believe that by painting this room with the right choice of color, it'll give the room a more romantic and classy look.

I don't believe in getting the most expensive furniture to give the room an elegant ambient. As long as you get the right color and layout/arrangement, you can achieve the desired outcome. For example, my brother got their wardrobe from Signature Kitchen for almost half the price of what we got for our house, from some local contractor. And they made 2 wardrobes in 2 rooms for the price of one for ours. But the end product looks almost the same.

Their bedroom looks very cozy and elegant because they chose the right colors for the wall and furniture. Of course, good lighting plays an important role too in the process of creating that posh ambient.

So now, who's up to the challenge for a budget room makeover, hands up!!


  1. Did I see the word BUDGET in that sentence!!?!?! Then count me in!!! heheh ... Yup expensive also wont do much if U have no design sense ... All the money in the world would not do wonders if ur lousy in choosing the right color or even accessories ...

    HIDUP BUDGET!!! ^_^

  2. papakeechee : hahaha hidup budget! yes, and since we got 'good flair' in design, can definitely make "budget bedroom" looks expensive kan kan kan??haha

  3. nak nak!tgh carik idea jugak ni nak makeover bilik tidor..bosan dah ngan tema green n blue..

  4. FARAH : let's try purple nak, and make it real deep. purple will create romantic and *passionate* atmosphere for the room ehem ehem :-p

  5. people!!!ignore her!!!

  6. ish apahal lah laki i nih suka buat kacau at my blog tsk tsk tsk

  7. Heheh.. you remind me of me hahah.. :p Not only korg yg dah kawen je camtu tau.. when I first RENTED (not buy!) the house i'm currently living at, I only came with a thin matress and a few suitcases (okay la, not suitcases, more like bag balik kampung la kannn)..

    Now, as my neigbour cum junior commented when they came to my house yesterday for lunch, "Kak Ayu tak yah pindah la.. duk je terus. Semua dah ade"

    I wish I could drag you here and show you my 'library'.. kot you have ideas for me to brighten it up :)

  8. ayu : haha..yalah start small. kitorang lagi best masa baru2 kawin i dok kl amin dok penang kan, so the first few weeks when he came to my rented hse, kitorang share tido atas this thin single mattress. sangat sadis kan :-p (tilam masih disimpan sebagai kenangan :-p)

    wah ayu, buat lunch tak ajak saya... :-( oh just come and drag me! ayu, bila nak mai numah saya lagi...mehla lepak ngn mak budak nih!

  9. InsyaAllah.. can Irfan tahan to go shopping on any free Friday I have bebile?

  10. ayu : cannnn!!! i know he definitely can tahan, or else i will make him tahan. kekekeke



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