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Scrapbooking anybody?

My biras asked me to help out with door gifts/birthday favors for her son's upcoming birthday party. She plans to give handmade picture frames with her son's piccies in it for all the attendees. Since I'm a sucker for all these art and craft thingy, I agreed to help.

Now, the first batch is completed. I'm waiting for the 'sponsor' to get me more papers. I can't wait to do more!

I'm scrapbooking for Irfan as well. Will start with that once I'm done with this project. Anybody interested in personalized frame/scrapbooks or even party invitation cards can email me @ for further discussion.


  1. heheh ... sponsor very the impressed ... will definitely get those papers for you ... ^_^

  2. owhh..picture frame..jom tgk kak ct nye picture frame lak.. ;)

  3. I like the dino one.. chumel! But the sail boat tu tak leh nak copyright la.. I did a scrapbook gune sail boat nye theme for my friend as a farewell gift last year hehe :p Sebijik like yours coz i'm guessing we got the idea from the same place.. Luna pencil colour! betoi ka?

  4. kak rina : can't wait! :-D

    kak ct : oh kak ct nya frame sangat lawa. takleh compete ;-)

    ayu : takkkkkkkk!! i actually got the idea from a drawing i see somewhere..haha :-p rajinnya buat farewell gift sendiriiii

  5. baizurah, try this link, sgt lawa and murah compared ngan tempat lain they provide acid free papers, baru gambaq tahan lama dan xjd kuning2.

  6. Hahah.. ye ke? Sy sbb din know what theme to do for him sbb dia nak pi oversea to further his studies.. rasenye I put the front page of the scrap book in my blog around after raya last year (coz that was when he went to Japan) I thought, 'bon voyage' cam ala² sailboat je sy nmpk dlm kepala haha..

    Actually, I'm lucky to have friends who prefer the personal touch compared to hadiah beli mahal² heheh.. like you! <--Is this like ayat bodek?!!?

    And please.. do you have any ideas utk scrapbook for environmental studies.. I'm doing one for my Sedim experience. Last year punye I just did the simple flowers and insects theme.. tahun ni mcm nak lain laaa..

    And do you know where I can get templates ke for characters (like your dino yg cute itu)

  7. bai, such a great idea utk buat as party favours utk birthday budak2! target all the mommies yang tak cukup tangan!

  8. amy : i haf a lot tolearn on scrap booking still! kena learn from the sifu la. now go online kat ym please!

    ayu : yerp, bon voyage ngn sailboat macam sangat sinonim haha...oh yes, i'd love to get a scrapbook from you but we dun haf that much pics together do we?

    ayu environmental studies, ble tak guna animals as theme? kalau animals banyak la idea, in fact i did one on lion and giraffe. and u can do underwater as well. just google the pics lah.

    kayla : hrmmm....ya kan...perhaps can target our friends first..hehehe...kena letak kat fb nih. :-D

  9. bai..kayla:
    and masukkan of my craft in the goodie bag...leh..hehe...



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