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Mr. Penguin, please don't eat my Ayam Goreng Kunyit!

Nasi + ayam goreng kunyit + sup kosong + sambal belacan yummylicious! from Pak Hussein Tomyam, harus makan dengan kicap okeh. Simply marvellous.

Any of you who took "How well do you know me" quiz in facebook must've noted that I wish to be a single woman again for just a day. Tonight, as hubby will have dinner with his new boss and colleagues, and since this whole week is a non-cooking week for me, he offered to buy me dinner before he went off.

So I decided to have my used-to-be favourite food during my single days. Eating these while watching some random sitcoms on TV = heavenly!

Tapi kan, ada sajalahh budak kenit ni nak mengacau orang nak feeling single-mingle again. (There's THIS little boy who seems to disapprove of his mom wanting to enjoy the feeling of being single again, even for just a minute!).

** Merasa jugak la being single walaupun less than five minutes before diterjah the little babyzilla.


  1. What say you if we make your wish comes true when I go back? We can leave the kids and go stay in a hotel(no need to go far,in the island will do).then do whatever singletons do. We could ajak our cousins or your friends to join us. Satu malam pun ok. Or, just girls' outing for a day,no need to spend a nite outside. Nak?


  2. kakak : i think that could be arranged *huge grin* or perhaps kita buat bachelorette party utk nur nak takkk? bestnya!!!! (consider ourselves bacholerette too okie) :-D

    ayu : haaahhhh...sentiasa nak join mama dia. ni sbb i buat tak reti kat dia, dia dok suruh mr. penguin plak kacau. *piap!piap!*

  3. waaaaaaah!!! a bachelorette!!! best nyer ur dream come true =)



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