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Ayat-Ayat Cinta - movie review

I know it's been released like long time ago, but I didn't have the chance to watch it until yesterday. And when I did, I watched it twice in a day. Once with my son (he loved it coz of the songs and music that kept him dancing along) and once with my hubby later that night.

It's a good movie. It gives some insight into Islamic teachings, it shows how a Muslim woman will make a sacrifice to stand by her husband in proving his innocence. She went to the extent of asking him to marry another lady who was in love with him, to save her life. And to save his at the same time.

I love Aisha character. She's beautiful, she's a good Muslimah and she's rich at the same time. My hubby said she seemed to want to take charge with her husband, perhaps that's what she would need to change to be a better Muslimah. But she's just so strong, that's what I admire about her. Being pregnant and still able to go here and there to find evidence to free her husband from prison. A husband whom she got to know for only a month before he was imprisoned. She barely knew him but he was her husband nevertheless. Hubby asked me if I would do the same thing for him, I said I think I will. :-p

I'm not fond of Maria for I think her character is of a weak woman. She's in love with him and when couldn't get him, she lost her will to live. She was dying and was unconscious when Aisha pleaded Fahri (her husband) to marry her, and so he did. For the sake of Maria, and the baby in Aisha'a womb.

It's really an eye opener of the 'hikmah' (advantage) and need for polygamy, and how it should be done when the situation really requires it, bukanla dengan sewenang-wenangnya mengikut nafs (not just because of lust).

Conclusion :

Mr. Hubby : Good movie, thumbs up!
Me : Greaaaaaattt movie. I love the hero (Fahri), and also the pretty actresses. Lagu jugak best. So do watch it y'all!
Irfan : *Dancing happily* la la la la la


  1. puga : it's movie review. The movie is "ayat-ayat cinta", will do it later when i haf the time :-)

  2. I so love the cinematography of the movie. Al-Azhar nampak mcm cool giler!!!! Thumbs up utk org2 di belalang tabir :) Now go read the novel, lagi rasa jatuh cinta dgn cerita ni! Character maria & aisha lebih menarik, cuma bila baca novel aku bayangkan fahri kurang hensem drpd yg movie, haha, blh plk gitu!

  3. mye : aku suka jugakkkk!!! rasa cam nak pi al-azhar sajaaaa..hehehe..novel better eh???nak gi borders skang jugakk!! :-D *fahri memang encemmm*



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