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Chicken recipe

Before I got married, I had very limited skills in cooking. While I was jobless after graduation, I liked to try out new recipes from cook books and magazines. As I was still in the process of experimenting and hadn't really got hang of the skills, most of the dishes didn't turn out to be good, tho they were edible. My dad will praise me no matter what, just to get me going. Haha..

After being married, while hubby and I were living separately still, I only cooked during the weekends when he was around. I was more adventurous at that time and usually will invite my brother and SIL, and at times my cousins to taste my cookings. Macam la sedap sangat kan. But hey! At least I made an effort, so I should get an "A" for the effort, don't you think so?

Ever since being a SAHM, I've been polishing my skills more and more as my husband is the type who don't like to eat out that much neither will he eats yesterday's dishes even though it's still in good condition. At first I find it quite tiresome as I had to cook every single day without fail, contrary to my family's 'tradition' where we don't mind eating outside and only eat home-cook meals like 2-3 times a week. And having a clingy son doesn't make it any easier, as he'll be crying his lung out whenever I start doing my thing in the kitchen. Thus I either have to carry him in my MT, or wait until he's asleep before I start cooking.

Now after so much practice, I would say that there are some dishes that I can cook quite well though there's still room for improvement. These are the dishes which I dare let my MIL taste. Haha.

One of them that I'd like to share here is Ayam Masak Merah (Red/Spicy Chicken). I don't use lots of special ingredients and herbs as some people do as time is limited for me, so this is a very simple dish that can be done in less than 1/2 an hour. It's delicious nevertheless, so if you don't mind simple ingredients and the not-so-pretty look, then you can try out my recipe:

The Ingredients :
- Half a chicken (About 7-8 pieces) ~ cleaned
- Blended ingredients:
1-2 medium sized onion
7-10 pieces of red chilies ~ most of the time I just use 2 containers of chilie paste I got from the store
- Sliced tomato
- 3/4 can of Tomato puree (or to taste)
- Coconut milk (Santan)
-1-2 cups of water
- Salt to taste
- Pandan leave to add nice aroma to the dish
- Cooking Oil

Add ons :
- Rounded sliced onion
- Green peas
- Green chilies

Method :
1. Fry the chicken for just a little while. Set aside.
2. Heat oil and add in the blended ingredients and pandan leaves. Fry till fragrant.
3. Add in tomato puree and sliced tomato. Stir well.
4. Pour in coconut milk and let it simmer.
5. Add in some water but not too much. Let it cook for a while.
6. Add salt to taste.
7. Add in the chicken and wait until it's cook.
8. Add in the add-ons ingredients if you like.

And voila! It's ready to be served, either with plain rice or tomato rice. And fret not! You can serve it to your MIL, she'll definitely be impressed. At least mine was. Haha.

P/S : Omigawd! I do sound like a domestic goddess, don't I? kweng kweng kweng


  1. Wah...Good strategy tue.. hahaha

    You know what.. I also like to cook, and most of the time it will turn out OK, meaning meet requirement la.

    But... Whenever i cooked at MIL's house, 100% will screwed up. I also also dont know why:( hehehe

    But anyway Bravo to you. I will try this at weekend.

  2. haha puga i dun dare cook in MIIL's kitchen as well, confirm will go haywire. This one i cooked when she came to our house.

    yeah do try it out since this dish is not spicy, i think ur husband will like it. good luck! :-D

  3. Btw.. you never did share the mac n cheese recipe sy mntk.. huh, kemut! :p

  4. wah!!!! thank u!!! i so needed this for my "future" plan nanti ... ekekke ... put up more please ... the easier the better as long as sedap ... i'm all about "express"ness ^_^

  5. ayu : hahaha will put up the mac and cheese recipe kalau ada popular demand :-p

    kak rina : hehee, yes this will do just nice for your future plan. coz it's as easy as ABC! will give my grandma's famous chicken rice recipe plak nanti ya. tungguuuuuu...ehehehe

  6. nasib baik la..xperlu masak utk mertua coz she will cook for us.hehe. FIL agak makan yg wife dia masak je..lgpun MIL mmg rajin masak...selamat..

  7. haha kak ct, bai pon camtu gak. MIL memang rajin masak, everyday masak, that's why la anak dia dah terbiasa camtu and tak reti nak makan luar. sigh....tapi rasanya amin pun time tu nak suh bini dia tunjuk bakat kat MIL, sbb slalu bila MIL tanya makan dah ka, dia kata dah baizurah masak. tapinya bila MIL mai umah tak penah pulak masak, tu yang dia nak buktikan kot bini dia reti masak. hahaha

    my FIL pun sebijik cam ur FIL, tapi coz depa nak mai umah kan takkan nak suh MIL masak amin cakap kalau bapak dia takmo makan sudah la, suh dia beli kat luar. ekekeke...tu la cerewet sangat pon susah kan.

  8. i love cook! but x suka bila badan naik..hehehehehe

    nanti balik Penang nak pi umah Bai...boleh kan???

  9. watie itulah. bila masak, mesti nak makan kan. sbb kita masak kan sedap. ekekeke..tu yang tak best tuh. :-(

    ya sila la mai ya. roger2 tau. aritu dok ajak tak mai pon. hehehehe



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