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32 @ The Mansion

It was an impromptu decision for us to dine out tonight, for the simplest reason of all, which is to celebrate our love. Yeah right, berangan! Mr. Hubby was actually asked to go for a food testing session for his boss farewell dinner on Friday night, and since they prepared food for two, he told his colleagues that he'd be bringing his wife with him. Yippie! ( I didn't have to cook dinner for tonight so double yippie for me!).

The farewell will be held at 32 The Mansion, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang. It's such a nice and posh place to dine, and quite pricey due to the nice ambience and delicious food. I was too stumped with the whole ambience and the (sophisticated looking) mat sallehs who dined there that I forgot to take pictures of our (paid for) candlelight dinner, or even the food.

The said place, which is an old mansion restored to its former glory.

We had a 5?6? course dinner according to the menu they will be serving for all the directors (lucky us!). The food was among the most delicious I've ever tasted, but the steak didn't suit my tastebud. I love the cod fish however, and their salad and apple strudel was simply out of this world.

The interiors are tastefully done

They have fancy-fancy names for all the items on the menu, thus made it so hard for me to recall what we had, but if my memory serves me right, we had some very scrumptious seafood (something) in filo cup, some crab wrapped in something which I hated coz I don't like crab at all, nicely decorated salad that had a magical taste to it (ok!ok! so i'm exxagerating), a bowl of seafood soup, cod fillet wrapped with naouri(?) with vege and tastiest ever mash potatoes, and beef steak. For desert we had some banana and something mousse, vanilla ice cream with tropical fruits, a piece of cake (i think it was named after a country that starts with an A, but I really can't remember) and apple strudels. I had a good time teasing hubby on his earlier remark that he will definitely drag me to eat nasi kandar beratur after this whole session is over, as little did we knew how stuff we would be after we're done with it.

After that, we lingered at the lounge for a while longer to take some pics and most importantly, just to enjoy the ambience.

Melepak sambil menyedut asap dan berangan-angan nak duduk rumah macam ni

Don't you think that this piece of artwork is darn cute??It kinda reminds me of an old friend back in Uni.

Thanks to the company for deciding to do the farewell dinner there. I hope there'll be more farewell dinners after this so I could have hundreds of free dinners at nice-nice places like this. Ngehehehehe...

All in all, I'd give this place a complete 5-star for the tastefully done interior and equally tasty food. And not only this would be an ideal place for celebration of love, birthdays and such, it'd also be a good place for all the men out there to pop the question to your lovely ladies, if you haven't done so. *wink*wink*

Last but not least, saja nak menyebok tempek gambar sendiri. Excuse the boolat face and bloated tummy, I just had a dinner fit for the king!


  1. uuuuuuuuu ... fancy smancy ... really that delicious eh??? haiyaaa ... some time back we had a school reunion there but i couldnt make it ... darn it ... rugi!!! huhuhu =(

  2. the service is tip top and the food is simply delicious, or perhaps it's because i've never been to such places kot. hehehe

    wahhh...i wonder how much u guys had to pay for the reunion. i think the amount the company's paying PER HEAD can feed 20 people at mamak's! :-D

  3. hahahah ... i dunno la ... Rm100 kot which i didnt pay la cause i didnt go ... hehhe ... tak pe la nanti kumpul duit banyak banyak and go makan ... or just wait till someone belanjas la kan ... better also ... heheh

  4. You DON'T look bulat in the face NOR with a bloated tummy laaaaaaaaaaa.. nyampah betul org ckp dia gemuk when sikit pun tak :p

    Anyway, kat ne nih, Sentot? Alaaa, nape tak amik gambo.. I was drooling bace your description of the food :p

  5. i liked that painting. then i clicked on that 'old friend'. and it's me! hahahahahahah! u know me too well!!!!!

  6. kak rina : double that kot. hehe..bole la kalau nak dine there like once in a blue moon. but it'd be better if u wanna belanja me, or we ask the newlyweds to belanja us there, nak???? hahaha

    ayu : pictures tell lies..kan kan?hehe..nanti la u go and makan there terus, takyah tengok2 gambo dah :-p btw, it's at jalan sultan ahmad shah la..opposite regal bride. :-D

    kayla : yes i know you THAT well. how can i not, we shared tears thru that 'Ombak' thingy, remember? hahaha

  7. this place dekat ngan padang kota ke? the colonial building and orangey lighting looks familiar

  8. no no it's not, it's at jalan sultan ahmad shah. that's not dekat padang kota kan? hehehe my sense of direction is just sooo bad :-p

  9. OMG i just read this post(okay i dont mean to stalk, teehee), i totally agree the interior is nicee! me and my friends were stuck in the bathroom taking pictures, and i swear we couldve take a nap inside there because its nice and cosy. and the food's not bad too right, i like the satay! hehe :D



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