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Walk dear walk, so I could buy you more shoes!

Since Irfan has started taking shaky steps around the house, his mama is getting obsess with finding him good, comfy shoes. It's quite tough finding perfect shoes for him here in Penang, as there are not many choices to be found. I especially love shoes from Adidas but didn't find any that made me go gaga over it. I didn't look at the right places, perhaps?

Currently drooling over these colourful lil baby!

And this cute scooby-doo crocs, tak jumpa pun kat QB Mall :-(

We bought him his first pair of walking shoes from *this company that we're supposed to boycott* and damn, I'm not proud of it. We've contributed to the goddarn Israel.So no pic will be posted in here. We actually thought it was a Reebok as most of the shoes on display was either Reebok or Adidas, while at that time Irfan was being extra cranky so I just grabbed the first one that has his size and paid for it. Only realized that it's $%^& when I look at the shoe box. His mama can be so dense at times kan.

Worse is, his father insisted that we bought a a size bigger than his current size, so Irfan is now officially wearing Ronald McDonald shoes. Poor baby, shall we get you another pair then? :-p


  1. bai, mistaken n*ke for adidas?? hahahah seriously??? hmmm sini byk gak kasut budak2.. if murah boleh gak aku buat bisnes jual kat ko kan? kan?

    weh, we started a blog on landscape. do come and visit and spread the words ya. since kawan2 aku ni dah semua ada anak2, nnt aku cari entry best2 utk kids and gardens ya :)

    here's the link:

  2. hehe mistaken nike for reebok..bole? actually i didn't even look at the design, just grab a handful on display and mintak SA cari the size that suits him. conincidentally kasut tu ja ada size so trus bayaq without belek2 bole? hehe..haaa kayla...buat la bisnes buatla, tapi harga member2 ek.ekekekeke

    wah...rajinnya buat blog landscape plak. okie will put it in my links :-D

  3. fwwaaahhh.."just grab a handful on display" tuu bebbbb... mmg org kaya raya gi shopping! heheheh mak datin.. mak datin... apa kata next time ko 'ter'amik reebok for me bole? eh chup, bukan budak2 nye reebok nama weebok ke? orait, nnt if aku jumpa kasut2 on diskaun i'll let u know. tapi sini nak pos ke sana aku rasa mahal laa.. tapi if total price still cheaper then malaysia why not kan.

    *aku pun ada crocs. never ever thought i would buy a croc, coz i used to kutuk casut crocs.. :P

  4. crocs is cheap here. want me to get one for him? yang old design lagi murah gila.. hari tu my fren bought one for $2.99. hehe


  5. kayla : hhehe, bukan mak datin..mak datok!! haha..aku memang kalau nak something tegedik2 camtu, walaupon amin dok bising nak balik dan irfan dok melalak i dun care. mesti beli jugak. :-p ya ya lemme know the price plus postage ya :-D

    ya i saw ur crocs in the blog, pinky pinky one aite?? haaa kutuk2 sangat, amik ko! :-p

    kakak : nakkk! hehehe...asyik kakak dok beli ja macam2 segaaan (malu2 kucing ja tau nih) :-p. his size is US4/5 :-D



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