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My 11 months Old Week 3

Your baby understands more than he says, and he's aware that everything around him has a name. Help satisfy this curiosity by pointing at familiar objects and naming them:"Ball." "Truck." "Airplane." Few 11-month-olds are ready to say these words, but they file them away for future use. Soon you'll be able to say, "Where's the ball?" and he'll show you. If his first words sound strange, he may be repeating them the way they sound to his ears: "da-ee" for "doggie," for example... Source :

Another 2 weeks and Irfan will turn 1 year old. It's exciting to see he's growing into an (hyper?) active boy. It's even more exciting to see him start showing emotions and interact with his surrounding. However, I'm also feeling quite poignant thinking that my son is growing up too fast. Rasa just like yesterday I was huffing and puffing in the labour room, and now look at him all grown up! *misty eyed*

Didn't plan a party for them both (father and son shares the same birth date if you haven't know), I wanted to at first but looking at our condition now (starting of renovation) I canceled it. Might figure out something nice to do with them later.

Anyway, Irfan's milestone :

- Irfan HASN'T taken that first step yet, malas budak comot ni! :-p
- Stand up on his own
- Put up his (left) hand to his (left) ear whenever he heard the azan. Ala-ala bilal tengah azan, pandai..mama suka!
- Wave goodbye
- Raise up hands when you say " Sapa nama Irfan, angkat tangannn!"
- No no no (shake his head)
- Swing his index finger back and forth when you say.."ha!ha!tak tau!"
- His current fave toy is ball so I just have to say this: "Go take the ball and give to mama", he'll go scout for the ball, and throw it to me. He's been doing this for about a month ago..And since he loves balls so much, we bought 3 of the cheap soft balls from Pasar Mini Anwar Ali at Sungai Ara and keep it in all the three different houses. He's also beginning to learn kicking the ball.
- Climb the stairs - sangat laju skarang which reminds me, I have to buy the safety gate for mak's house.
- Climb up and down the bed. Funny thing is, ever since he had learnt to climb down the bed, he would be doing the same action whenever he wants to move in between an interval e.g the tiles from kitchen to hall adala like half an inch raised, dia akan (dalam position merangkak) pusing badan 180 degrees, put one feet after another down, then tolak badan kebawah. I'll try to take video later, it's just extremely funny! haha
- He'll point to show you what he wants. Usually, when other people didn't know what he wants he'll come crawling to mama (merengek2) and point out to me what he wants. e.g the other day he wanted us to stick Mr. Smurfy to the wall, but his father didn't know why he was crying. So he came crawling to me - who was doing the ironing btw - and pointed repeatedly to 1)wall 2)Mr. Smurfy. So it seems; Mama knows best kan. *huge grin*
- Trying to speak, like when maktok say choo-choo train he'd say "chaa-ten". Haha so cute okie! And when I say "taktau" he'd go "teteeee". :-D

One night last week, he woke up for his night feeding and incidentally both mama and abah was knocked out for that night coz we've had a hectic day. It took us quite sometime to wake up to his crying. Right at the moment when his father woke up, he was already on his way down from the baby cot, head-down.

Apparently, he put his feet on the bar and was trying to reach out his hand to wake his father up. But he stumbled head-down first. Luckily we woke up just in time to catch him, kalau tak...

So now he's no longer sleeping in the cot but we put his mattress on the floor beside ours. And now in the middle of night, he'll crawl over one of us and stationed himself in between us. Haish! Sangat bijak budak ni tau.

Our plan to buy a bed might need to be postponed, or else we just hafta buy one of those Japanese-style bed so that it'll be easier for him to manouver up and down. I don't wanna risk him falling of it since this boy is just so energetic and bouncy.

I guess that's about it on Irfan's milestone. I pray that my son will grow up to be hamba Allah yang soleh. Amin.

Now on to our renovation progress - which I'm "happy" to say is 0%! Yes, read my lips people - ZERO!

We've canceled the kitchen renovation with the uncle. He kept on postponing and lying to us about having done the frame and all. Not only that, he kept on increasing the price too. Hubby got mad and canceled everything. FIL and MIL were mad with the uncle too and I guess the uncle is mad with all of us in return. ANNND do I care that he's mad with us? NOOOOO!! *insert evil grin here*

So yesterday when the wardrobe taukeh finally came to take measurement, hubby ask him to measure the kitchen and give quotation as well. We might have to cut off some of the things that we wanted to do earlier due to some constraints (budget lah apalagi kan), but I say better do one part first and do it properly, then later on we can add what we want. Hubby couldn't agree more with his oh!so-very-understanding wifey. :-p


  1. irfan's turning 1 yr old oredy and aunt kayla has never even met him yet! tapi takpe.. later when i get back to malaysia, and bila ko plak dah pindah balik kl, hopefully he'd still be a toddler.. heheh so takde la mcm culture shock sgt karang jumpa anak bujang abai :p

  2. kayla mayla : yalah. not only aunty kayla, aunty nor yang janji nak gilir2 change his diapers pun tak penah jumpa lagi. :-D itu la kan, tah2 nanti time jumpa irfan dah nak kawin plak.hahaha...



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