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It's ugly right??

What do you think of this design? It's too basic, simple and UGLY rite?? Okie okie, I know that we told her we only wanted to do one side of the kitchen, an L shape design; due to (again) budget constraint (seems ALWAYS to be on tight budget nowadays, sigh..). But please la give us something more convincing. This is not only too basic, the design is also not appropriate. For example, why would the dish rack be placed there instead of near the sink? And I don't need two tab heads, one would be sufficient enough won't it?

Anyway, we went to see Miss Beh (Miss Liew who did the design wasn't around, thank God for that!) last Saturday to confirm the wardrobe as we've already put down the deposit ages ago. I hope the work will start soon enough. She did mentioned that it'll take a while longer for it to complete as we're using the Nyatohply instead of melamine board. I hope it won't take too long though, because as I always said, the ship is sinking fast.

So when I told Miss Beh about the dish rack, she totally agreed that it couldn't possibly be placed at the other end of the cabinet away from the sink, sangat tidak sesuai katanya. And I told her that I want to have a tall unit at the (right) end of the cabinet, and for the drawers to be longer in width. The top drawer should be the cutlery's drawer so the height can decrease. She said they'll include the custom-made cutlery tray inside.

What I like most about her suggestion is that when I told her that we need a proper space to put the herbs and spices, she said she'll design a pull-out section at the bottom cabinet for me to put in all the spices. It sounded great, but I told her to make it cheap. :-p

I want to have a lot of things for the kitchen, but budget would not allow it. Sigh..I need to win that RM12k cash from FLY.FM so I can splurge on the kitchen, so Fat Fabes and Nadia, WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS ANSWERING MY CALL???


  1. it;s not UGLY la ... but it's just a typical kitchen cab la ... if she can get u those accessories for cheaper than better la can put lots of things in them ...

  2. haha..that is so-not-designer yg gave u the drawing&design..maybe hanya pekerja dia yg edit dr kitchen software dorang..i wish coud help u(if i hv enuf time)..i am busy in renovating too and pening because already over dateline..maybe u can gimme ur measurement and i can give u some ideas..

  3. itu la ito..tension ja. memang case of cut and paste ja nih. waaa it's a good idea if u can help! i'll get the measurement and email it to u this weekend insyaAllah ya. maybe u can look it over and give suggestion, that is if u have the time lah. we're still scouting around for contractor to do our kitchen pun coz tak confident wif this company, but they are doing our wardrobe. sungguh lembab and asyik2 nak datang ambik measurement..apa one time ambik not enuff ka? *tension tension*



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