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The Birthday Boys

Yesterday - 19th March 2009 :

Jolted from sleep when Irfan climbed up and gave me a hug. Hugged back,'s your birthday today! Played with him for a while, then woke his abah up with a pleasant birthday wish for him. :-p

Irfan was being very sentimental in the morning, kept going to his abah and showed him his forehead (that's his way of asking us to sayang him). Lied down on his abah's lap and manja2 with him, I guess he could feel that they shared something special on that day.

Went for his 1 year-old jab. He shrieked like nobody's business right when the needle went into his flesh. After that he stopped for a while looking around him, then started to shrieked again in an angry manner. Mama was smiling all the way looking at her son's manjaness. Sorry dear, but it was for your own good. :-D

Then went for birthday lunch at A & W, mak's treat. Went there with Mak, hubby, bro Abidin and I. Akhbar didn't follow as he went to QB with friends. I picked the place as I'd been craving for fast food for such a long long time. A & W is the only fast food joint that is not in our boycott list, thus off to Gurney Plaza we went. Irfan was jakun all the way, kesian anak mama. Tak pernah makan fast food ya. I let him taste the chicken a bit, and he liked it! Grabbed the rootbeer and all. Tried to eat chilli sauce! Haish..anak sapa buas sangat ni tak tau. :-p

Then once we finished, mak said she wanted to scout around for handbag. Nak tengok-tengok ja katanya. Thus, off we go to Parkson while the boys went to FOS. Waahhh...I love the new wing of Gurney Plaza. It offers many many choices of shoes and handbags that a girl could just browse around all day long and still couldn't decide on which to buy. Mak wanted to buy something not so expensive, so I told her ada clearance sale for this one brand. But there were very limited choices, I didn't find anything that suits me at the clearance.

Mak grabbed one anyway, and Mr. Hubby playing good menantu paid for it (paid half only larrr). As for myself, after picking and choosing for hours (felt like hours as I couldn't decide on which to get, I wish I had the money to buy ALL!), I settled on this little white fella as I wanted something that differs from my usual purchases.

(Ami..aku dah beli bag baruuu yeay yeay! Dok try to win Jin & Jagqie asyik tak menang ja, fedup la)

Hubby only saw the bag after we got back home, and he said it's like "beg makcik2". Uwaaaa! It's not I can assure looks good on my arms.

But on second thought, my mum liked it, she was the one voting that I choose this one. So her taste will definitely be "makcik2" rite. Sigh...Okie I'll make this makcik bag looks good and stylish so that every young mothers would go out immediately to grab one for themselves! :-D Oh, but the SA said there's only 3 of it in Malaysia, 2 in Penang and 1 in KL? Or maybe only 3 in Penang, one in each outlet, and more in KL?? Ntah betul ntah tak.

That night, we had dinner at MIL's. There were excessive food, like rice, tandoori and naan, bihun goreng and fruits. Oh..MIL made fried long-beans(??) [kacang buncis] like the way I cooked it. She said my BIL asked her to cooked it like I did. Haha..I was gloating but hubby said to me "don't flatter yourself". Lerr...jealous la tu.

We got back home last night at almost 11pm, later than planned. But we had a fulfilling day. Can't wait for the surprise I've in store for them tomorrow. Yippie!


  1. where got like makcik?!?!? nice wat ... hehhe ... it;s WHITE some more... hehehhe

  2. ayu cannot tell yet la. kalau tak no longer a surprise. haha...wait till at elast tomorrow k. :-p

  3. Hepi birthday Irfan & Amin!! Dah setahun dah Irfan ek..;)
    Irfan kat sini dah setahun 2 bln...very2 active..yg bestnya..rasa slim skit skang dok melayan karenah anak2..heheh..

  4. kak rina : please tell that to amin :-D haha. yess...i vowed to myself to buy a black handbag this time tapi end up buying white jugaaaakkk isk isk isk

  5. thanks kak ct. oh...2 bulan ja beza ngn aqil irfan ya.. :-D tah bila la nak slim, walaupun budak ni buas mak dia makin berisi macam di pam pam. hhahaha

  6. bai, handbag putih dah ada, a matching wallet dah ada blom? heheheh >>>

    spread the words :)

  7. ewah kak kayla...main jual jual ya skarang :-p..yeah yeah will put it up in my link!



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