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A friend of mine is pregnant. She could give birth any days now. Her life during pregnancy is quite tragic, if I were her I don't think I can brace myself to go through such tribulations.

Her husband is sick. They can't figure out what his disease is, but it's got to do with something in the stomach. Doctors did all they can but still they can't find the answer. As usual, the traditional shaman said a lot of things. Kena buatan orang is one of the standard answer you'd hear from most of them. But one of them confirmed that he has what the Malay calls kayap. Stomach kayap, you know the kind of thing that goes round your body and when it meets, the person will die. Or so they said.

Anyway, her husband is like real sick, he'd lost weight rapidly, couldn't eat or walk. Had to take long leave from work. He's weaker and in a worse condition than her, thus she has to be strong for him even though she's pregnant.

Her father passed away in the 7th or 8th months of her pregnancy, I'm not quite sure. Her initial plan to go back to her hometown to give birth had to be cancelled as her husband is in a bad condition. Her mother couldn't come to the place she's living (Penang) as she's still in iddah. She had to think of some other solution. If it was me I'd just break down and would lose hope in life. But she's one strong lady, she would not give up. She has to go on for the sake of the baby, husband and her family.

Just a few days before her due date - or as the Malay calls it, tunggu hari, her husband got transfered from the GH in Penang to GH in Kelantan. He's admitted to ICU for his condition has worsened. She of course followed her husband there. Alone just the two of them in Kelantan, one being very very sick and another is waiting for the unknown.

I salute her, she's one heck of a strong lady. I could never survive it if I were to be in her shoes. I don't know her current condition now, but I don't think she's given birth yet. I wish her all the best in the world and pray that everything will turn out just great for her.

May she enjoys the beautiful rainbow after a stretch of rainy days.

And I'm reminded again to be thankful for what I have.



Some corrections I'd like to make on the facts in this entry :

-She's in her 8+ months now, her due date is actually on the 23rd Mac 2009. Who knows she might give birth on the same date my son and husband was born kan, kan? (19 Mac for both hubby and son, tell me is it good timing or what? *wink*wink*)

- Her father passed away when she was in her 6++ months of her pregnancy.

- She has a sister living in Kelantan but it's quite far from the hospital that they were staying at, so she was planning on renting a place near the hospital until they can come back here.

I received a sad news this morning. Her husband passed away at around 1-ish in the morning. I finally found out that he's suffering from blood cancer, the last time I talked to her which was about a month ago, she didn't know what it was yet.

Apparently, they discovered it at the last stage of the cancer, so the doctor said he had only a very very extremely minimal chance of surviving. Almost 0%, or at least that's how I interpreted what they told me.

Sedih kan. Saya sedih mengenangkan kisah dia. I pray she'll get the best in life, and her path would not be so windy after this. I'm raising some funds (insyaAllah) to help ease her burden so sesapa interested can email me at for further clarification and information.

Now, I feel so bad about not being thankful and appreciative of my husband. He's done so much for me, we even take turns for Irfan's night feeding k! What more could a wife ask for? (putting aside diamonds, beautiful mansion and posh car for the time being *haha*)

Dear hubby, I wanna grow wrinkled with you. I can visualize the time when we'll both have saggy skins and become a hunchback couple, still walking side by side holding hands, strolling under the moonlit street in front of our apartment, heading towards the mamak to have our cups of Kopi 'O Hang Tuah (and still boycotting Nescafe then). Oh, what a beautiful moment that'd be. *Hugs* Yes, I'd love that.

I sooo wanna grow old with you.


  1. abai, how r u doing in penang? takde mai kl ke? hmm aku pun nak balik melben dah.. mujur sempat gak jumpa noe utk bersosial.. hehe

  2. kayyyyyyyyylaaaaaaaa.....aku okie ja in penang. :-D taktau la bila nak pi kl, soon kot. hehe..hang mai la penang before balik melben. mai la jumpa anak sedara yang comei nih. :-p

    eh korrrang ni suka sangat eh bersosial korrraaang

  3. baca citer bai tu teringat kat my sister. facing about same problem. husband sakit masa pregnant cumanya my sister dpt balik ada family di sisi. slps bersalin lbh kurang 6 bln..husband dia kembali ke Rahmatullah. Kiranya baby x sempat kenal ayah. Tp my sister very strong.. :(

  4. a'ah kak siti sedih kan. ni kakak yang mana?yang dulu penah datang tido UIA tu ka?

    families are everything thru this trying times..

  5. tido UIA? x pernah lak. tapi dulu dia dok tmn melati. kalu cuti kak ct slalu gi umah dia. Eh..sama la..arwah abg ipar kak ct pun blood cancer gak.

    Takziah to your friend.

    p/s: Sememangnya kita patut bersyukur kerana masih ada tempat bermanja & bergantung.

  6. my condolences to your friend ...

    it's depressing enuff to hear such stories, cannot imagine wat ur fren is going through ... yes a strong woman indeed ... hope all turns out splendid for her when her baby arrives ...



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